Playa Diego Hernandez - Insider tip

This beautiful bay of Playa Diego Hernandez (also called Playa Blanca) is an insider tip. The beach is right between El Puertito and La Caleta in the southwest of Tenerife.

The beach

Playa Diego Hernandez is only accessible by foot. One has to park in El Puertito (parking lots are available). From there you have to take a fantastic 45min walk through a nature reserve to this beautiful, if not most beautiful bay. Its a wonderful wildly romantic path along the southwest coast.

The first segment of the beach is a stone beach which is followed by a sandy beach right behind a small hill. Depending on tide/flood you have more or less sand at Playa Diago Hernandez. Here you may also find nusidm enthusiasts. You also have the opportunity to walk up to the bay of La Caleta, but this hike is more demanding and due to big rocks along the way quite exhausting. 

Suitability for children





None. In La Caleta you find a small chinese grocery store. This is the last opportunity to buy supplies before entering the wild nature.

The villages of El Puertito / La Caleta

In El Puertito things couldn't be better. No concrete block houses and no overcrowded beaches. The Village El Puertito lies directly on the coast right before Armenime in the municipality of Adeje. It emits the idyllic aura of a small and beautiful place. Here you can peacefully sit at a bar and enjoy a cold drink while watching the sea.

La Caleta is a fishing town directly at the seaside and is situated north of Las Américas in the municipality of Adeje. Here are ancient fish restaurants at the port where you can eat fresh fish. Most of the restaurants are situated directly at the bay and guarantee a fantastic view. Unfortunately, the tourism boom also has an impact on La Caleta, noticeable by newly built house complexes which reach up to the hills.

Map _Playa Diego de Hernandez - Strand

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