Playa El Roque at Playa Paraiso

Holiday makers craving for sun appreciate the great weather of southwest Tenerife. And right here you find Playa el Roque and the holiday resort of Playa Paraiso. However, the beach is hardly used by any tourists since they rather use their pool at the hotel. Therefore, you will mainly meet locals here.

The beach

Playa El Roque in Playa Paraiso is surrounded by huge flat rocks which are perfect for sun bathing. At the beach you will find loungers under palm trees and black volcanic sand. There is also a nice public pool area available, as well as a diving school.

Suitability for children

Quite calm and gentle water - therefore suitable for children.


Diving and swimming


Kiosk at the public pool area.

The Village
Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso is a holiday resort right before the well-known coastal village of Callao Salvaje at the coastal road towards Los Gigantes. Although Playa Paraiso is a tourists hot spot, many locals have settled there in the meantime, too. Also for long-term visitors the place has to offer quite a lot. Here, you will find many little shops, bars, restaurants and a Spa centre. Right next to Playa Paraiso new 2-level residences have been built. That part of the town is a lot more beautiful than the older parts of town and almost reaches up to La Caleta.

Map _Playa el Roque - Strand

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