Holidays on Tenerife ➜ advices ✔ an island in the middel of the Atlantic

 Teneriffa MeerblickSome people ask themselves: Why should I spend my holidays on Tenerife, an Island in the middle of the Atlantic? Read more and find out about the reasons you should spend your holidays on this fantastic Canary Island.

On Tenerife you have pleasant temperatures all year long

Tenerife is the so called Island of the eternal spring. No matter if you spend your holidays in summer or winter on this island: here you will spend nice days under palms, with sun and beach temperatures. Due to the northern trade wind and the Canary Current the climate on the island is pleasant warm during the entire year. Usually the water temperature is over 20°C.

In summer the temperatures in the south are between 20°C – 30°C; perfect for a beach holiday! Even in winter the temperatures on Tenerife usually aren't under 18°C.
In the north the temperatures are between 20 – 26°C in the south and around 18°C in winter.

Guanche kings in the plaza in Candelaria

The history of Tenerife – an interesting story

Nowadays Tenerife and the other Canary Islands belong to Spain. But Tenerife is hundreds of kilometres away from the Spanish mainland, so it has its own history and past:

  • Tenerife got discovered for the first time approximately in 1100 to 800 B.C.
  • In the 13th century the big countries tried to discover more unknown places by ships. So the sailors also found Tenerife and its natives who lived in a Stone Age culture at this time. Until today, no one knows for sure where the natives came from but there are many theories. The natives are called Guanchen and lived in tribes. The leader (king/chief) got called Mencey. They lived in a community of shepherds and farmers and also caught fish. On the church square of Candelaria in the south-east of Tenerife you can visit the statues of the Mencey's.
  • Today Tenerife is a popular holiday destination during the entire year.

What belongs to a succeeded & cheap holiday on Tenerife?

First of all you need a good planning to feel comfortable in your holidays.

The right accommodation

  • Where do you want to spend your vacation? In the north (the green part of the island) or in the south (the warmer part of the island)?
  • You should also think about the exactly location of your holiday accommodation:

   ➜ In a calm and quiet area in the mountains
   ➜ Central and close to the sea
   ➜ In a touristic area with night clubs

Which of your wishes should your accommodation fulfil?

   ➜ Sea view
   ➜ Distance to the next beach
   ➜ WiFi
   ➜ Grocery shopping stores in walking distance
   ➜ Distance to the next restaurant
   ➜ And so on...

Tenerife Holiday Home with Pool

On our website you can find:

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We the Team of Ferienhaus-Canarias are looking forward to assist you with your holiday planning's and the booking of your accommodation. Please don't hesitate to contact us via E-Mail or phone.

How do you get to Tenerife? – with the airplane

We recommend our customers to book the holiday house or holiday apartment first and to book the flights after receiving the confirmation.
It's sad when you are set to your flight dates but your dream accommodation is already occupied on these days.
It is easier to find a flight than an accommodation which is definitely free.
On our side we provide a "flight-finder". Just take a look under the button "service".

Why you should take a rental car?

Tenerife has a size of around 2.050m² and is the biggest of the seven Canary Islands.
It is difficult to learn about all features of the island during short holidays. Tenerife offers several beautiful beaches, hiking trails, amusement parks and much more...
By getting a rental car you are more flexible and can explore Tenerife all by your own and however you want.

  • Explore Tenerife with the rental car

E.g. you could drive on the old coast road and explore the east of Tenerife. This tour takes around 5 hours.

   ➜ You start in the south and take the Autopista del Sur. Take the exit Barranco Hondo behind Candelaria.
   ➜ You drive back to the south on the C-822 which is next to the motorway.
   ➜ When passing Güimar you could take a stop and visit the Pyramides or have lunch in a fish restaurant.
   ➜ You keep driving through Fasnia direction to Chimiche, driving further to Valle de San Lorenzo.
   ➜ Your trip ends in Los Cristianos. Here you can walk along the boardwalk and relax at the beach.

Of course there are busses that drive from the south to the north and back but having a rental car is much easier and more comfortable. The motorway leads you almost completely around the island. It starts in Adeje, changes near Santa Cruz and goes until Puerto de la Cruz and even a bit further.
On our website you can search for rental cars (category service).

Advantage of a rental car

  • You don't have to follow the bus line time schedule -> and you don't have to stop several times
  • The gas is quite cheap on Tenerife
  • You can stop „wherever“ you want and enjoy the landscape
  • If you go (grocery) shopping it is easier to transport the goods with a car. Especially when you travel in a group
  • You can plan your activities however you want and you are flexible

Accommodation and flights are booked. What now?

When you already have your accommodation, flights and maybe your rental car, you are ready for the planning of the activities.

  • To which beaches do you want to go?
  • Which places do you want to see? Which sights don't you want to miss?
  • Which kinds of sports would you like to do?

La Caleta beach

Tenerife's beaches and swimming possibilities

Tenerife has more than 40 beautiful beaches on the entire island. There are all different kind of beaches: smooth sand beaches with white or black sand, some with little rocks or bays. Beaches with many locals and tourists or segregated nudist beaches.

Here is a list of almost all beaches on Tenerife with a short explanation.

  • Playa las Vistas in Los Cristianos. This beach is very popular by locals and tourists. It is around 850 metre long, has wave-breakers and is good for families with children. At the beach you can rent sun loungers or sun umbrellas.
  • Playa las Teresitas in the north is around 1,5 kilometre long and made artificial with sand from the Sahara. Here are also wave breakers to stop the big and strong waves. The beach is sloping smoothly into the water. The palms around the beach create the perfect beach feeling.
  • Going to a public pool during your vacation on Tenerife? Yes, the seawater swimming pool in Lago Martianez: In this „swimming pool“ are different beautiful pools. In the middle of the biggest pool is an island where you can lie on. If you swim one time around the entire pool, it will take you around 10 min. A cushion for a sun lounger and a sun umbrella are included in the entrance fee. The swimming pool is located next to the sea and you can hear the waves - this is a special feeling. You can't compare this pool with a public swimming pool in Great Britain!

Unique on Tenerife!

National park Teide

Pico del Teide

The National park Teide is one of the most famous highlights on Tenerife - a wonderful landscape consisting of a crater and dry lava rivers. This landscape is surrounding the Teide and you can discover it by car.
There are many viewpoints where you can stop and enjoy the nature.
The volcano Teide has a size of appr. 3700 metre. You are allowed to drive up to appr. 2350 metres. Here is a little station where you can also park your car.
The view from here is already amazing. From here the ropeway gets you up to 3555 metre in around 8 minutes.
There is just a small hall before you walk outside. Please be aware of the colder temperatures.
If you want to go up to crater of the Teide, you have to walk but first you need a permit. When the weather is good, you have an amazing view of Tenerife and the neighbour islands.

Some towns you should visit during your holidays on Tenerife:

La Laguna de San Cristobal

  • La Laguna is at the foot of the Anaga-mountains. La Laguna is the former capital city of Tenerife. The centre of La Laguna is around 550 metres above sea level. Due to the location, it can be a bit colder compared to Santa Cruz (around 4°C).
    This place has an amazing architecture and beautiful houses, as well as a historical plaza with marble wells and old houses. Some of them got planned in the 15th century. La Laguna got built in the colonial style. So if you walk through the alleyway it feels like you are in the past.
    La Laguna belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is definitely worth a visit!
  • Garachico is located on the headland in the North of Tenerife, at the foot of the Teide-mountain. In the 17th century, Garachico got destroyed by the volcano but they rebuilt the town on the dried lava. Now here are fancy white houses with red roofs. Due to the lava, there occurred small natural pools where you can refresh. The boardwalk is along the entire town. In the old part of the town you can visit interesting museums and eat in a typical restaurant.
  • Masca is located in the northwest of Tenerife in the Teno-mountains. It is a small mountain village with just a few inhabitants and only one restaurant. In this area they use terrace cultivation and still work in the agriculture. But the young people prefer to live in bigger towns so the agriculture becomes less and less. Masca is still famous for is special food like the Yame-fruit, palm-juice and goat-cheese.
  • Los Gigantes is famous because of the 3 giant cliff coasts „Acantilado de los Gigantes“. The town is located on the south-west coast of Tenerife and the cliff coasts have a size up to 500metre. From the observation desk you have a wonderful view of the Atlantic. Many tours like sailing trips, motorboat trips or whale-watching tours are starting in Los Gigantes.
  • Puerto de la Cruz is a popular town for vacations in the north. Puerto de la Cruz is located in the Orotava-valley and the climate is warm and wet so the plants are growing very well. Even if many tourists visit Puerto de la Cruz it is not a typical touristic city – it kept its charm.  You should take a walk through the town and enjoy the centre of the city, its parks and the great building. There is a reason why parts of Puerto de la Cruz got priced with a cultural meaning.

Two of the many sight:

  • Astronomical observatory Inzana is located in the national park El Teide, around 2400 metre above sea level on the mountain Inzana. This observatory is an outpost of the observatory on the mainland in Spain. In 1985 the observatory Inzana got opened on this place because of the very clean air and the little bit of dust in the atmosphere. Here the make extraordinary photos of the stars and the sky by night. This place has the perfect requirements for an astronomical observatory.
  • The Dragon-tree in Icod del los Vinos: Drago Milenaro is a canary dragon-tree and belongs to the asparagus family. The blossom is rarely to be seen because the tree is just blooming once every 15 years. Drago Milenaro is estimated to be 1000 years old, so it also gets called a living fossil. There are many legends and stories of this old tree. One legend is that the tree has a colourless heart which gets used as medicine. If the heart gets some air, the colour turns red like blood and is called „dragon-blood“ or „dragon-tear“.

Leisure activities, things to do on Tenerife:

  • Whale Watching: Whale Watching Tours are starting in Las Galletas, Los Gigantes, Las Americas, Puerto Santiago and Los Cristianos.
    On these tours you are able to watch this impressive water animals in the nature! There are different agencies you can choose from. You can watch the whales through a glass bottom ship or combine the tour with a swimming trip.
  • Helicopter-flight: Tenerife from above. By doing a helicopter-flight you will see the island how you did never before. No matter if you see the south coast, the Teide, the beaches or cliff coasts - a flight like this is an experience you won't forget so easily.
  • When the Loro Parque got build and opened, it was only a parrot-park. That's why it has the name „Loro“. Nowadays it is a animal park or a zoo with many different kinds of parrots, turtles, crocodiles, white tigers, sea lions, dolphins, orcas, etc.
    You can watch some shows and learn more about the life of the animals. Some of the entrance fee is for the own foundation: „Loro Parque Fundación“.
    There is a parking spot on the property of the Loro park but also public parking along the street. You can also take the bus or the little train to get to the park. These will stop right in front of the entrance. The train starts in Puerto de la Cruz.

Siam Park

  • Siam Park:

The Siam Park is located above Playa las Americas. It got build in 2008 in a Thai look and got opened together with a Siamese princess.
The park has a size of approximately 185.000m² and has some nice highlights. It is a great waterpark with different kind of water slides. There is also an artificial beach with a wave pool - fun for everyone!

  • Climbing park in Esperanza
  • and many other exciting things are possible during your vacation on Tenerife.

One sport for everyone

No matter which sport you like, on Tenerife you have good (weather) conditions for almost every sport.

  • If you like Mountain biking you have many trails with different levels of difficulty on Tenerife!

Easy trails are e.g. the ways around the Montana Negra and in the Esperanza forest. Here you have the possibility to stop when you need a break.

➜ Bikers with more experience could do the trails from the Orotava valley to the astronomical observatory or the trails from the volcano which are made out of lava-scree, forest roads and streets.

➜ The professionals could do the trails with the most meters in altitude. It leads from Puerto de la Cruz to Corral de Nino.

  • Tenerife is popular for kite surfing and wind surfing.

El Medano is the hot spot for this water sports. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced – here everyone has fun. In El Medano there is the Windsurf World Cups every year. The best wind surfer from all over the world travel to Tenerife at this time. In El Medano the wind blows most of the time from the sea to the beach from the left side and is very constant. Wind-holes or strong suddenly gusty winds happen not very often.

  • Also golf players have good conditions whenever they stay on Tenerife. Due to the pleasant climate the entire year you can always play golf. A dream location: Golf holidays with sea view.

   ➜ Near Santa Cruz there is the more than 70 years old 18-hole-golf-course
   ➜ Golf Las Américas
   ➜ Centro de Golf los Palos
   ➜ Amarilla Golf
   ➜ Golf de Sur
   ➜ Golf Costa Adeje

Golf-players who like to stay near the golf course will find the perfect accommodation right here...

  • Also hikers can choose between many hiking trails and have their fun.

Hiking in Tenerife

Tenerife offers many nice hiking trails e.g.:

➜ From Puerto de la Cruz to the Café Vista Paraíso
➜ From Puerto de la Cruz to Mirador de San Pedro
➜ Candelaria trail: Aguamansa- Montana de la Crucita
➜ Santiago del Teide to Masca
➜ Tamino to Los Gigantes
➜ Masca Canyon

You can also do sports like climbing, horseback riding, tennis, diving and more during your holidays!

In this text you will find only a few examples! More information are to be found here...

Fiestas on Tenerife

On Tenerife the people are friendly and like to celebrate. The reason doesn't matter, as soon as they have a chance they will celebrate a Fiesta. Some examples for a Fiesta on Tenerife:

  • Carnival in February/March
  • Sansofé in El Médano: in August there is a "party" on the plaza every night! Sometimes they show movies on a large screen or there are performances of traditional singers.
  • Fiesta de la Candelaria: always on the 15. August in Alcala. Besides the 06. January the holy feast in honour of the patron saint Virgen de la Candelaria or also Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria. The Virgen de la Candelaria gets taken out of the cathedral in La Candelaria and send with fishing boats to Alcala. Here they do a parade through the village and welcome here with an amazing firework. The Fiesta takes around one week and gets celebrated on the plaza.
  • Fiesta de la La Cruz (the cross): always on the 03. May in Los Realejos. This Fiesta gets celebrated for centuries and starts with the biggest firework on the Canary Islands. It takes around one hour! It is a battle of two firework producers and they want to do the best and most beautiful firework. The result: just amazing. Something about the historical background (based on stories): it gets told that a long time ago Los Realejos was split in a poor and a rich zone were the El Medio and El Sol got together. In honour of the „Dia de la Cruz“ and to reconcile they created this Fiesta. As a sacrifice both firework producers donate their firework without asking for any money. After the firework, the Virgen gets transported together with a big parade to the church Apóstol Santiago.

Romeria Fiesta in Tenerife

Attention, holidays are coming up!

The holidays are getting closer, just a few more days or weeks until they start. Here you wrote down a checklist for you with things you should think of before you start your holidays.

No one wants to arrive in the holiday accommodation and realising, that they forgot e.g. the charger for the mobile phone or something like this. With our help you will "save money" and avoid stress.

Here you will find...the travel checklist!

Here you will find...Holidays on Tenerife - things to know

Here you will find...Holidays with dog

So you will have a relaxing holiday on Tenerife!

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