Holidays on the sunny Island- Active holidays on Tenerife

Junge Leute am Strand genießen Ihren Urlaub auf Teneriffa und haben viel SpaßHolidays on the sunny island...

Holidays on Tenerife? There are many good reasons for this decision!
The nice and steady weather is probably the most important reason.

The Island isn't just the first choice for beach and sun holidays but also for parents with little children will find perfect conditions for the family holidays. Here you have several leisure opportunities and no one will get bored. All over the island you will find child-oriented beach sections so the children are also able to enjoy the sea.

Active-holidays on Tenerife

Another reason to choose Tenerife for you holiday destination is the impressive landscape. Tenerife is quite small but offers everything you generally find several 100 kilometres away from each other: mountains, valleys, forests, a volcano, sand beaches, the sea and much more. And if you don't want to miss the winter feeling, there is snow on top of the Teide most of the time.

What do you think? These are terrific conditions for your active holidays, isn't it? No matter what kind of sport or activity you prefer, Tenerife offers the ideal environment. Here you have to possibility to follow your hobby or try something new on the land, in the water or under the water!

Due to the different regions of the island, so far everybody found something to do and had fun!

Extreme sports - new law

Sports, like e.g. paragliding and hang-gliding, belong to the extreme sports. Due to several accidents they changed the law on Tenerife. Not only the companies who offer extreme sports have to follow the new change - also people who cause an accident are held accountable. If you need a rescue effort (or salvage) will have to be paid the costs by your own.

Conclude: If you get yourself in danger or in need because of imprudence and you have to get rescued or salvaged, you have to pay the costs!

But you don't need to worry - there are many other sports that are less risky but just as much fun!

Hiking and mountain-bike tours

Junge Leute im Urlaub beim Start zum biken... mit dem Bike die Insel erkunden Long hiking and bike tours are some of the most popular activities of holiday makers on the Canary Island. Not only because of the terrific weather and nature conditions also the unique landscape with the impressive flora and fauna encourage the holiday makers to these tours.


Going on a hike isn't enough for you? So maybe climbing would be the right hobby for you! On the rocky island you find many places to go climbing. There are not only climbing areas like in Arico, El Rio or Fasnia (different levels of difficulty). In the north in Las Lagunetas there is the Forestal Park Tenerife. A high rope course and a climbing park for beginners or advanced climbers.

Water-sports for beginners and professionals

On Tenerife you have the perfect weather conditions for all kinds of water sports. The south of Tenerife is the favourite place to do kite surfing, wind surfing or diving. If you are interested in this sports but don't have any experience you can go to one of the many surf or diving schools. The offer classes for beginners and also for advanced people.

Golf courses on Tenerife

If like to play golf and want to put your ability to the test? On Tenerife there are a few golf courses to do so. The golf courses are located in the sunny and dry south of Tenerife and to keep them green they use a lot of water. While the plants in the area are drought-stricken, the gold courses waste a lot of the valuable water. But there are many golf fans who come to the island and we don't want to badmouth the golf courses.

Jogging at the beach

All those who like to go jogging will feel well on Tenerife. Here you have many different trails. In the morning you can go for a run at the beach, or on the boardwalks. Jogging next to the Atlantic is a great feeling and when you are finished you can refresh in the sea and take a sleep in the sun. If you are a beginner, maybe you should start with long walks along the beach, going for a run in the sun can be exhausting!

Fitness, Yoga and more

Of course you don't have to run around the island to do sports. If you prefer calmer sports you could practice inside in one of the Fitness-Centres. They even offer yoga and gymnastic classes. The perfect holiday accommodation for this kind of sports is a holiday house with pool. In the morning you can swim in the pool, go to the gym for yoga or gymnastics or do it in the garden of the accommodation!

Motorsports - driving a go-kart or motorbike

If you like to speed and driving you can do some fun sports on Tenerife: How about spending one day on a go-kart track? Here you will also find some fun offers for children if you travel with your family.

If you are more interested in motocross you can rent a bike and the cloth on the motocross facility in the south and have some fun hours.

More information and the address are to be found in our travel guide in the category sports and fun.

Wassersport in El Medano... ein Kiter macht ein Luping zwischen zwei Surfern Important:

While doing sports on the fresh air please remember to protect your skin of the UV-radiation! Use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. Cover your head from the heat (e.g. with a cap) and drink enough water or juice during the day.

Think about the geographic location of Tenerife. Don't forget that Tenerife and the other Canary Islands belong political to Spain but geographically to Africa. The sun is stronger than in Germany or Great Britain.

Don't forget that if you take a trip in the mountains not only the nature raises but also the UV-radiation.

Just in case: every time you see the light of a green cross you will find a pharmacy (Farmacia)!

So, don't forget to bring your sports cloth! We wish you active days, lots of fun and relaxing holidays! Have a safe trip!

Take a look around on our website - we have terrific holiday accommodations in almost all regions of Tenerife. There is the right accommodation for all needs and budgets in our assortment. A holiday house or a holiday apartment should be the right choice for active holidays.

Live your own time schedule and cook and eat what and whenever you want.

Modern chalet with private pool ✔ terrace ✔ view of Los Gigantes
Modern chalet with private pool ✔ terrace ✔ view of Los Gigantes
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House with heated pool + sea view
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Alcala / Holiday Apt.5 the seafront
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