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Find now holiday apartments and houses in Tenerife!

Find your individual holiday house, villas or apartment for your holidays on the Canary Island of Tenerife.
Whether you want luxury holidays or reasonable and good holiday homes - we know each of our properties personally and checked their price-performance ratio. We can give you much information so that the holiday house, villa or apartment in Tenerife fulfils your expectations! We are at your disposal for any questions and information.

Southwestcoast:  Seaview-FeWo+WiFi
Tenerife south Los Gigantes / Puerto Santiago
ab 65,00€
pro ÜN für 2 Personen
zzgl. Nebenkosten
Final cleaning : 70,00€
Additional costs: 35,00€
Casita del Patio - Finca La Paz
Tenerife south Granadilla de Abona
ab 52,00€
pro ÜN für 2 Personen
zzgl. Nebenkosten
Final cleaning : 75,00€
Additional costs: 35,00€
Holiday house with pool
Tenerife south Granadilla de Abona
ab 75,00€
pro ÜN für 2 Personen
zzgl. Nebenkosten
Final cleaning : 75,00€
Additional costs: 35,00€
Guest House sea view & privat pool
Tenerife north La Matanza
ab 75,00€
pro ÜN für 2 Personen
zzgl. Nebenkosten
Final cleaning : 75,00€
Additional costs: 35,00€
House with pool, WiFi + seaview
Tenerife south Guia de Isora
ab 92,00€
pro ÜN für 2 Personen
zzgl. Nebenkosten
Final cleaning : 115,00€
Additional costs: 35,00€
Southwestcoast: Seaview-FeWo 1+WiFi
Tenerife south Los Gigantes / Puerto Santiago
ab 60,00€
pro ÜN für 2 Personen
zzgl. Nebenkosten
Final cleaning : 60,00€
Additional costs: 35,00€
House with pool ✓ Wifi ✓ seaside
Tenerife south Callao Salvaje
ab 130,00€
pro ÜN für 4 Personen
zzgl. Nebenkosten
Final cleaning : 130,00€
Additional costs: 35,00€
Southwestcoast: Seaview-FeWo 3+WiFi
Tenerife south Los Gigantes / Puerto Santiago
ab 70,00€
pro ÜN für 2 Personen
zzgl. Nebenkosten
Final cleaning : 70,00€
Additional costs: 35,00€
Adeje / 5 br home & more...
Tenerife south Adeje
ab 89,00€
pro ÜN für 2 Personen
zzgl. Nebenkosten
Final cleaning : 89,00€
Additional costs: 35,00€
Private house with pool + WiFi
Tenerife north Tegueste
ab 59,00€
pro ÜN für 2 Personen
zzgl. Nebenkosten
Final cleaning : 59,00€
Additional costs: 35,00€

Our Service:

With over 14 years experience we work successfully as a holiday accommodation agency for Tenerife. Seated in Tenerife we can provide an exclusive Service and will find a nice and suited accommodation for you in Tenerife.

At tenerife.ferienhaus-canarias.net you will find a wide range of holiday apartments, holiday houses and Fincas. In the South or north, close to the ocean or in the mountains, holiday houses with pools and exclusive villas - whatever your requirements for the perfect holiday are - they can be found quickly and easliy right here.

Advantages you have by booking with us:

  • holiday accommodation are selected with care and engagement
  • The accomodations get verified regulary and many of them are well known by us
  • Our team is always in close and permanent contact with the owners of the houses, fincas and apartments
  • Friendly Service and always able to be reached
  • Consulting service

Truly relaxing holidays – this is how holidays should be!

a rental car Book ... explore freely and independently with the car the island of Tenerife.

A cheap rental car find!

We are glad to help you with finding a rent a car which will not leave any places on the island undiscovered. Individual holidays will be guaranteed.

You are independent and mobile. You will find beautiful places along the way, where you can stop and enjoy the moment. There are many places like this in Teneife.

Especially in the main travel period it is favourable to have booked a rent a car already in advance. You will save money and nerves. As requiered you can pick up your rent a car directly at the airport.

Tenerife North Coast... Sea view and impressive rock giants

Tenerife varied and full of contrasts

Tenerife has an area of 2.057km² and is the biggest island of the Canary Islands. The island has about 700.000 inhabitants and was first mentioned by the Roman writer Pilinius. In 25 B.C., the Phoenicians settled the „Happy Islands“. Also the famous traveller Alexander von Humboldt once called especially the Orotavatal, near Puerto de la Cruz as the most beautiful valley of the world.
Away from tourism, you can get to know Tenerife as a fascinating island of the light and the natural quietness.

The South of Tenerife - calm sandy beaches with their vivid waves are perfect to relax and for taking a refreshing swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

The North of Tenerife - has a wonderful green landscape. Attractive coasts, unspoilt ravines and picturesque volcanic landscapes invite you to go hiking and to explore.

Tenerife – From the beach to the Teide

Mount "Pico deTeide" is with 3,718 meters the highest volcano in Tenerife in the Canary Islands and the highest point in Spain. It is a UNESCO world heritage and it is one of the highest mountains in the world which you can climb.

Large selection of holiday apartments, holiday houses, fincas, villas and country hotels in Tenerife

Holiday house by the sea on the north coast Tenerife.... Ocean noise and fantastically quiet location

Our individual holiday accommodations:

Whatever your requirements for the perfect holiday are - we offer you a wide range of different accommodations. Many of them are well known by our team which allows us to meet wishes and preferences of the customers.

  • Spacious Fincas with a wonderful view on the blue ocean, in the middle of a green paradise with palm trees and wood … and a nice pool where you can refresh yourself?
  • Open Beachhouses with direct access to the beach?
  • A comfortable, cute holiday apartment, perfect for spending some time with your familiy. Central but also quiet and away from mass tourism. Close to the beach? Air conditioning? Internet? Barbeque? Cot? Animals?

All what you want for your perfect holidays, you will find it here…

Teneriffa Norden. View from the penthouse to the sandy beach La Caleta de Interian

How do you find your perfect holiday accommodation?

When you are looking for your holiday accommodation, first of all you should value your personal wishes and preferences. Keep in mind that aspects like area, comfort, accessibility or isolation have at least the same importance than aspects like the price, size and availability.

Enjoy the sun and the beach, relax, spent some time with your family or do some activities like climbing, golfing, snorkelling or surfing – all this activities are offered at the island at different places.

All accommodations offered by us, have fair prices with fair conditions, cleanness and quality - they can be found quickly and easily right here.

Your dream vacation in Tenerife

The canary island Tenerife - a paradise for "everybody"

Tenerife – a sunny volcanic Island in the Atlantic Ocean right before the African coast, invites people from all over the world for holidays in a paradise where life is an adventure and full of joy. All over the year you will find a beautiful countryside and a unique varity of flowers and animals, rocks and mountains.

Tenerife offers something for everybody and any budget. Over the last years, Tenerife got a famous and popular holiday destination of many Germans and other Europeans.

Tenerife offers many exciting things:

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Hiking routes into the nature, to the mountains region of the Teide
  • Waves sparkling in the sunlight which please every surfers heart
  • Wonderful underwater scenery for divers
  • Tenerife as a cultural hotspot

Nature, culture, quietness and action things which are easy to combine in Tenerife. Ferienhaus Canarias invites you to spent relaxing holidays at the biggest island with 2.057km² of the Canary Islands . It is the biggest island but it is still only a little spot at the world map. This makes it to a unique and really special holiday destination.

Tenerife can easily be described as the “island of Bliss”. You will get inspired of it’s beauty and of it’s very special mediterran atmosphere.

Tenerife - Puerto de la Cruz... the beach Playa Jardin is one of the most beautiful beaches in the north Tenerife Southeast coast... Playa Teresita - a wonderful beach with palm trees and yellow sand
  • Beautiful countrysides
  • Unforgetable sunsets
  • White and black volcanic sand beaches
  • Palm trees, wood and mountains
  • Hiking, climbing
  • Attractive costlines
  • Bizzare volcano landscapes
  • Sun bathing
  • Cycling and Biken
  • Surfing, Kiting
  • Diving, Snorkelling
  • ...

And don’t forget to try the orginal canarian delicacies like Gofio, Papas with Mojo verde and Mojo rojo or rabbit, as well as meet prepared by the local kitchen.

Churches and cathedrals in the middle of the mountains and old little villages will make you feel like travelling into the past. Discover the unique landscape of diferent types and it’s locals!

 Vacation experience from the sea up to the sky on the sunny island of Tenerife ...

Find now holiday apartments and hosues in Tenerife!

Have questions about an apartment or a holiday home in Tenerife?

Then we look forward to hearing from you! Through our years of experience and the personal contact with our landlords we find the right accommodation for your needs.

Look forward to a relaxing holiday in Tenerife!
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