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Food and beverages

The cuisine of the Canary Islands hardly differs from the cuisine of continental Spain. Garlic, olive oil and many herbs are used.
When you spend your holidays on the Canary Islands, you have to try fish dishes. But also meat dishes (pork, rabbit, lamb and goat) are very popular. Food and beverages are very important to the inhabitants of Tenerife, that’s why there are many bars and restaurants and rural hotels. Even many service stations offer good and reasonably priced food and tapas. In the morning, many people drink their espresso at the gas station before starting work, because it’s not usual to have breakfast at home.

A delicacy are the „Papas Arrugadas“, small potatoes cooked in salt water (with peel). Besides, you serve red or green sauces. Those sauces, called “Mojos”, are made of vinegar, oil and different herbs. The potatoes are eaten with peel and served as a side dish or snack.

Other popular snacks are tapas. Hot or cold dishes, such as ham, meatballs in tomato sauce, sardines in oil, Ensaladilla (Spanish potato salad), tuna, olives, sea food salads and much more, belong to the cuisine of the Canary Islands. These tapas are offered in special tapas pubs or simply in pubs at the bar.

If you want good, but also typical Canarian meals, Tenerife - canarian cuisineyou should visit the restaurants where the inhabitants go to. Those restaurants are rarely to be found where the typical tourist restaurants are situated. There are many family-owned restaurants, and most of the time the mother of the family is cooking, while the rest is serving. The typical Canarian restaurants are at the coast, as well as in the interior of the island.

Furthermore, there are restaurants in all price categories and for each taste, as well as good seafood restaurants in fishing towns, e. g. in Los Abrigos or Tajao in the south of Tenerife. You can eat fresh fish while enjoying the ocean view.
Most of the time, the locals drink beer or wine in a restaurant during dinner. In Tenerife, there are many types of grapes to produce excellent wine. On the island there are five protected marks of origin. The best wine comes from the Orotava valley. The wine near Tacoronte is also very popular. The typical house wine comes from the area around Arico and Granadilla.

In Tenerife it is usual to have lunch at about 1 a.m. or 2 a.m., and dinner after 8 p.m.
Please keep that in mind when you go out for a meal in typical Spanish restaurants. In the tourist centres, the mealtime has already been adapted to the tourists.

You should also ask for the dish of the day (menu del día). It consists of a starter (salad or soup), a main dish, a dessert and a beverage. It is reasonably priced and delicious. Just try, it’s worth it.

Restaurants recommended by us

El Molino Blanco
Avda. De Austria, No. 5 San Eugenio Alto, Costa Adeje – near the Aquapark
Excellent Mediterranean food in nice ambience with unobtrusive live music.
Outdoor restaurant, around an old mill

Restaurante La Cueva (Casa Maria)
Camino la Cueva 30
Cuevecitas de Candelaria
Meat and fish dishes, served in a cave restaurant

Mesón El Monasterio
La Montaneta – Los Realejos
5 restaurants on the site of a former monastery with view of Puerto de la Cruz and the Orotava valley.
Canarian cuisine, fondue restaurant, meat and fish restaurant, rooms for family parties.
Huge, with inner courtyard, wine bodega, ponds, stalls and animals in the neighbouring building.
Perfect for families!

Churrasqueria Rodeo
Urbanisacion Playa Fanabe, 35, Playa de las Americas/Adeje
Delicious meat dishes cut from the spit – For big eaters -

Tasquita El Pimentón
C/Vera de los Cangueros, 2, La Plaza de Arico Nuevo, Arico El Nuevo
Traditional Canarian cuisine
The Canarians eat here

Las Vistas / Bora Bora
The two restaurants are located next to each other and belong together.
International and Spanish cuisine at the Las Vistas beach with wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean.
Tasty dishes with good value for money.

Casa Tagoro
Calle Tagoro, 28, Granadilla de Abona
Bavarian, Austrian, Spanish but also international cuisine in a historic building.
Catering service.

Texaco-gas station „Montana Roja“ adjacent bistro
On the way from San Isidro to El Médano, on the right.
Tasty, fresh Tapas, different dishes, salads, at a low price.

Restaurants for romantic evenings

„El Molino Blanco“ in San Eugenio Alto
An old mill in the front garden, big wooden beams inside, several small terraces – noble ambience with rustic charme, candle light and soft music – fine Canarian dishes.

„El Patio“ - delicious international cuisine in the inner courtyard of the Jardin-Tropical-Hotel.
Enjoy a romantic evening at the splashing fountain, high rubber trees, amphoras, tarpaulins used as protection against wind… it’s simply wonderful.

Restaurants in the north

Restaurant Mirador Humboldblick in Santa Ursula - La Orotava

Restaurant Calabacín
Calle Uruguay 7
Puerto de la Cruz
Phone: 0034.922.370.938

South-coast: Holiday home with pool
South-coast: Holiday home with pool
  • South Los Gigantes / Puerto Santiago
  • 8 Guests / ca. 285 m²
Holiday house - heated private pool
Holiday house - heated private pool
  • North La Esperanza
  • 4 Guests / ca. 90 m²
Finca Buenavista - apartment
Finca Buenavista - apartment
  • North Buenavista del Norte
  • 5 Guests / ca. 110 m²
Cottage in the hiking area Icod
Cottage in the hiking area Icod
  • North Icod de los Vinos
  • 4 Guests / ca. 120 m²

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