Travel checklist for your holidays in Tenerife

Travel preparation - Travel checklist - Reminder for your holiday trip

The „Ferienhaus Canarias“ – travel checklist for a carefree and relaxed start to your holiday in Tenerife.

Vacation – the most wonderful time of the year – but as far as the preparation is concerned, every year the same problems occur: Is my suitcase too heavy? And on arriving, you notice that you forgot something at home or you ask yourself “Have I switched off the iron?”

By means of our checklist, you save money and avoid stress!

At home

* Validity of passport or identity card
* Copy important documents (passes, flight tickets, credit cards)
* Get yourself an emergency health card (blood type, allergies, vaccinations)
* Don’t forget cash, credit card, Visa card
* Don’t forget the number, which you might need to block your credit card
* Get yourself guide book, maps, Tenerife – phrase book
* Rent a car, don’t forget your driving licence
* Take out an international health insurance, cancellation insurance, luggage insurance
* In case that you take your pet with you, proof the import regulations
* Take telephone numbers and addresses of friends with you
* Get yourself an address label for your luggage
* Prepare your answering machine (test remote access)
* Use of mobile phones abroad (look for a cheap provider) and let it activate for foreign countries
* Give your holiday address and the key of your house and your car to a friend or a relative

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Lets go!

* Dispose of perishables and switch off the fridge
* Turn off electrical appliances (stove, coffee machine, TV etc.) or disconnect them completely from the power supply.
* If exists: turn on the time switch and the alarm system
* Power off the fuse in the rooms which don’t need electricity
* Turn off the water (washing machine, dish washer) – very important!
* Heating off or low – that saves costs
* Turn off the gas if possible
* Close windows and doors well
* Hide your valuables
* Switch on/off your answering machine, turn off the mailbox of your mobile before your trip

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Always to hand but also kept well

* Money, cheques, credit cards, passes, vaccination card
* Travel documents (flight ticket, confirmations, bookings for the accommodation)
* Phone card, mobile phone
* Policy (health insurance, travel insurance, luggage insurance, accident insurance)
* Address-book (with all important emergency numbers, and numbers to be able to block your credit cards)

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Hand luggage

* Something to read, phrase book, maps
* Important personal medication (against travel-sickness)
* Glasses, reading glasses, sun glasses, hearing protection
* Games (party games, card games, headphones, mp3 player)
* Important note: no liquids in your hand luggage, please read the flight regulations before packing

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What to pack in the suitcase

* Less is more! Most of the airlines only allow 20kg per suitcase, sometimes even less.
* Very often, people take too much with them – that costs unnecessary money (surcharge for excess luggage).
On the  holiday island there are many nice shops, just in case that you need anything.
* Apart from that:
* Usual clothes, a long-sleeved shirt underneath, as well as pants and shorts.
* For hikes: warm clothes, hat or cap as sun protection and hiking boots
* Swimwear, towels, sandshoes can be bought in every coastal town
* Cosmetics, sun lotion, shower gel, etc. – here, too: better buy the things in situ, before paying surcharges

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Foreign countries often differ from your home country

* Bring a travel plug – the common sockets in Tenerife often are not suitable for those from other countries.
So a travel plug would be useful, e.g. for hair dryer, shaver, etc.
* Torch is also recommended
* Charger/recharger cable for your mobile/video/battery is also important

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First aid kit

* Personal medication
* Clinical thermometer, dressing material, ointment, scissors, plaster
* Ointment for sprain and sunburn

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For your hobby

* Sports equipment (tennis, golf, ski, snowboard, surfing, kite, sailing, dive, bicycle)
* Balls (football, volleyball), boules, kite, beach ball, badminton, Frisbee
* fishing gear
* photographic and video equipment
* party games, playing cards, books – you could ask the landlord of your holiday home if there are any games and
books in the accommodation.

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Especially for the flight

* Weigh your luggage – additional costs for excess baggage
* Write address labels for your luggage, and fix it
* Valuables in your hand luggage (they are not insured in the suitcase)
* Films in your hand luggage (luggage scanner can destroy films)
* Transparent, resealable plastic bag with a maximum volume of 1 litre
Only a certain amount of liquid is allowed in the hand luggage. The single container must not exceed 100ml.
All containers have to be packed in the plastic bag mentioned before. Only one plastic bag per person is permitted.

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