Playa de la Enramada Beach in La Caleta

The newly laid out Playa de la Enramada at La Caleta is right at Costa Adeje. Usually this beach is not crowded, only during the weekends some of the locals enjoy to bath here.

In 2008 the new beach "Playa de la Enramada" in La Caleta was opened. Up to this point it was rebuilt and therefore is now offering the best environment possible to spend a day on the beach. Part of the sand used originates from so called Callao (brock pebbles) which was to be found there before the beach was established. The pebbles were shredded and mixed with sand from the ground of the ocean. This way, the ministry of environment and the city hall administration tried to keep the beach as natural as possible. Furthermore, they succeeded to establish a more decent beach profile - meaning that now there is more place for sun bathing people.

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On the beach itself you won't find any restaurants but if you take a short walk up to the village you will find everything, from cafés to fish restaurants.

The village of La Caleta

La Caleta is part of Costa Adeje. It is famous for its many superb fish restaurants. Unfortunately, the booming tourism industry did not miss this little paradise. Many new apartment estates have been established along the hills of Costa Adeje. However, the lttle fishing village was able to retain its original aura - especially in its centre. So today, you will still be able to find original and simple fish restaurants - right next to more noble restaurants. Since the golf course of Adeje reaches La Caleta and brings many international golf enthusiasts to the area, many sophisticated restaurants were opened in La Caleta. But it is still far from being a mass tourism spot like Las Americas or the rest of Costa Adeje. It is way more tranquil here and since you will find many of the luxurios villas around the golf course - it simply is very quite here for that reason.

Map _Playa de la Enramada - Strand bei La Caleta

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