Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Capital of Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife - capital of Tenerife and administration centre is worth a visit not just because of its sights, but also because of its friendly and energetic people, its many bars, shops and restaurants, its wonderful typically canaric buildings and its lifely and friendy atmosphere. Already its location within the wide bay in front of the 1000m high Anaga mountains is breath-takingly beautiful. Almost half a million people live in Santa Cruz.

Uniqueness of Santa Cruz:

Santa Cruz is not only the capital of the island, but together with Las Palmas on Gran Canary owns the function as capital of the entire Canary Islands archipelago. That area belongs to Spain, but is an autonomous community. The rank as capital of the Canary islands switches back and forth between Santa Cruz and Las Palmas regularely every 4 years. However, the seat of the goverment permanently is in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. To be especially highlighted is the harbour of Santa Cruz, which was established in the middle of the 18th century. Due to its location in the middle of the Atlantic ocean it is the deepest harbour in the world.

Map Santa Cruz / La Laguna

Harbour of Santa Cruz:

In the blooming period of the discoverers and seafarers Santa Cruz became one of the most important spanish harbours within the spanish trading net with the "New World".A royal decree secured this status. Today, you can see gigantic cruise ships, fairies, container ships, sailing boats and hydrofoil crafts in the tremendous quay area. It is one of the biggest harbour areas on the atlantic coast. Therefore, the harbour is very interesting for comapnies, e.g. fishing industry or the textile industry. Also, with its many fortifications it is an impressive sight of militaristic colonial efforts. The Brithish, the French and othe nations tried to conquer Tenerife by conquering the harbour. These tries often failed and the british admiral Lord Nelson even lost an arm in his efforts to do so.

Vacation events in Santa Cruz:

Santa Cruz offers many highlights. To the marvellous beach of Las Teresitas in San Andres, with its original Sahara sand, is only 7km. Ten thousands of guests visit Santa Cruz each year to celebrate the fantastic carnival. This turbulent festivity can easily be compared to the one in Rio de Janeiro. There are several architectonic jewels in Santa Cruz: the church Iglesie de nuestra Senora de la Conception, the parliament building of the Canary Islands, the congress center designed by Calatrava, the bullfighting arena, the fountains of the city and the galeries.Very recommendable for shopping is the Rambla del General Franco with its shady resting places under trees.

Sights in Santa Cruz:

Museum area of Antiguo Hospital Civil:

The Antiguo Hospital Civol covers an area of 4.000m² and nowadays is one of the most visited sights of the island. Here you find for example the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre, the Museo de Bellas Artes with a changing gallery of art works, a modern auditorium as well as the oldest church on Tenerife.

Semana Santa procession during Easter in La Laguna:
A wonderful procession during the week of Easter. The biggest, historic procession "Procesión Magna" starts at 5 in the afternoon on "Viernes Santo" in Santa Cruz - La Laguna at the church "Iglesia de la Concepción" and is lead by the bishop and all congregations in La Laguna. It is worth to be watched!

Carnival in Santa Cruz:
The Carnival starts in Santa Cruz with a presentation of candidates for Carnival Queen of Tenerife. If you want to enjoy the Carnival you best rent a holiday apartment in or around Santa Cruz. Like in Aladin's tale the mysteriously dancing carnival princess dance breath-takingly and fantastically clothed - energetic and with roaring zest for life.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  • Activities in the area of Santa Cruz:
   - Naturist beach Playa de las Gaviotas
   - Open-air bath Parque Maritimo César Manrique
   - Hiking in the Anaga mountains
   - Sports harbour, diving, snorkeling in Radazul
   - Bathing at the pale sandy beach of Las Teresitas

• Attractions:

   - Industrial harbour
   - Plaza de España
   - Plaza del 25 Julio

Plaza España Santa Cruz

   - Plaza de la Candelaria with the Palacio de la Carta
   - La Rambla with the bullfighting arena

   - Plaza del Principe Asturias
   - Parque Municipal Garcia Sanabria
   - Parque de la Granja
   - Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción
   - Iglesia de San Francisco
   - Auditorio de Tenerife
   - Teatro Guimerá
   - Castillo de San Juan
   - Casa de la Pólvora

Beaches in the area


Modern flat | Radazul
Modern flat | Radazul
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St. Cruz: House 2 - Pool, Wifi+BBQ
  • North Santa Cruz / La Laguna
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