Benijo - Playa de Benijo Beach

Benijo with his beach of the same name Playa de Benijo is a neighbouring place of Tagana and is situated on the North East side of Tenerife at the foot of the Anaga Mountains.

The beach
Playa de Benijo
The beach is covered with sand the whole year through, the water is crystal-clear. But take care - there can be dangerous currents.
You can park at the restaurant El Mirador at the village entrance and go down the stairs to the beach.

Nudist Beach Playa Draguillo
The beach is outlying, 150m long and approx. 20m wide, unexploited, almost unfrequented, with sand and crushed rock, strong swell.

Both beaches are lonely located and are frequented almost only by local people.


Water sports


Restaurant El Mirador above the Playa de Benijo Beach and the bar El Fronton

The village Benijo
Benijo is situated at the foot of the Anaga Mountains and is inhabited only by local people. The road ends here, you can only walk on foot. Furthermore there are picturesque hiking routes in the untouched nature of the Anaga Mountains.
While driving in the direction of the coast you will see the rocks "Roques de Anaga" rise out of the water. It seems so unreal that these rocks aside the shore were simply placed there by nature in the middle of water. But exactly that makes this coast so special.
From the bar El Fronton you will have an amazing view over the "Roques de Anaga" and over the whole North East peak of Tenerife.

Map _Playa Benijo - Strand

Further beaches in vicinity:


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