Parque Nacional el Teide - Las Cañadas

The huge caldera with a diameter of 17km called Las Cañadas is the crater around the Pico del Teide. The National Park “Parque Nacional de las Cañadas del Teide” with 136km² exists since 1954. The Pico del Teide (3718m) is the highest mountain of Spain and attracts hundreds of tourists per day However, you need a special permission to climb its peak. There is a cableway called Teleférico which brings you up 3550 metres. The Caldera is part of the National Park and offers an unique landscape which was included in the list of the UNESCO world cultural heritage, in 2007.

When you drive from the seaside to the National Park, you drive past impressive and different landscapes: You drive through a barren landscape in the South, and a short time later you get to the pine forest. You drive upwards directly along the edge of the crater of the old volcano and after having passed the edge, you are in the caldera. Here you can see innumerable miracles of nature.

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