Sand beach Playa Candelaria

Playa de Punta Larga is the largest sand beach of the township La Candelaria on the South coast of Tenerife. The beach is situated out of the town center, between Playa de la Hornilla and Playa las Caletillas.

The beach
Playa de Punta Larga with its black sand was completely renovated and offers now two big wave-breakers, a raised island and boardwalks for lounging in the sun. Additionally palm trees were planted.

Wave-breakers protect from the current and waves, smooth entrance into the sea. Pool for children.

Water sports


Along the beach promenade you will find several cafés and bars

The town of La Candelaria
Every year in August hundreds of Canarios are making a pilgrimage to La Candelaria in order to thank the patroness of all Canarians, the Blessed Virgin. The pilgrimage church of the patroness is situated at the Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias, as well as the abundant statues of the 9 Guanches kings, ahead the main king Bencomo.

La Candelaria goes widely into the inland. Beside of the wine La Candelaria is famous as an important agriculture region of the south. Potatoes, tomatoes, salad,  every kind of fruit trees, especially mangos, figs and oranges thrive and prosper here and ensure the peasants an additional income.

Holidays in the region Candelaria

Holidaymakers who have chosen the region Candelaria, are attracted by the canarian rural houses and fincas which normally have a private pool. La Candelaria is a very picturesque place in which live almost only local people. In a  holiday house you will have more room than in a holiday apartment, with your own garden and a lot of privacy. However, you will reach the town promptly whenever you like.


Map _Playa Candelaria - Punta Larga - Strand

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