Beach in Playa Puerto de Güimar

The beach "Playa Puerto de Güimar" is placed next to the Club Náutico and gets used by locals mostly. That means it is not as crowed with tourists like at the beaches of Las Americas or other beaches.

The beach
The beach "Playa Puerto de Güimar" got build not that long ago, has natural black sand and is around 800m long. The waves aren't that high because they get stopped by an artificial riff. So swimming and playing in the water is quite safe at this beach.

Yes and it has a playground

Water sport


Cafes and restaurants are to be found at the end of the boardwalk

The location Puerto de Güimar

The town Puerto de Güimar is located at the coast in the south-east of Tenerife. So far, the town is not very crowded by tourists. Whoever goes to this beach will see and feel that the locals are off the beaten tourist track. Composure and tranquillity. The fishermen are sitting at the quay bulkhead, grandmas and grandpas are sitting at the Plaza and watch the children playing. In the summer month and on Sundays families meet at the beach.
The main town Güímar is located up the hills and is famous for the pyramids which got discovered in 1990 by Thor Heyerdahl.
Holiday accommodations are to be found in the rural areas of the towns Güimar and Arafo.

Map _Playa Puerto de Güimar - Strand

Further beaches in vicinity:

Puerto de Güimar Promenade
mit Blick auf Puerto de Güimar
weiter Strand
Wellenbrecher am Playa Puerto de Güimar
endloser Blick

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