Playa Grande Beach - Poris de Abona

A bit outside the holiday resort Poris de Abona in south Tenerife you find Playa Grande. The bay is protected by rock formations. In order to reach the beach you can use an articial path down to the water. Since Playa Grande is in the south of Tenerife, visitors here can enjoy good climate and warm temperatures th whole yeat through.

The beach

The beach offers light fine sand and very clear, turquoise coloured water. The water is very low for some distance. Only after 100-150 meters it slowly gets deeper. Therefore, the beach is perfectly suited for children. Due to the protecing rock walls on both sides, the beach ist quiet secluded and you can relax in the quietness of the place. Hardly any tourists come here. You will most likely meet only locals with children here.

On the right side of the rock formation you will find a ladder - with its help one can swim in deeper waters. There is also a kiosk on this side.

Suitability for children





A small kiosk on the right side of the beach. In the centre of the village you find some bars and cafés at the Plaza.

Porís de Abona

Porís de Abona is directly on the south coast of Tenerife and offers beautiful centre and the aura of a romantic fishing village. At the promenade of the place you will find a natrual beach, which is mainly used by locals. The beautiful Playa Grande is a bit outside Poris de Abona. There are some small shops, diving schools and restaurants, where you can still find original Canarian cuisine. Some private holiday apartments and houses are available, too.

Map _Playa Grande - Poris de Abona - Strand

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