Playa Abades Beach on the South Coast of Tenerife

Playa de Abades is an unfrequented bay in the village of the same name Abades on the South coast of Tenerife. Abades is known as a coastal village in the South which is sure to receive a lot of sun and where you can swim in the sea both, in summer and in winter.

The beach
The beautiful and not fully dark sand beach offers plenty of room for sunbathing and playing football or beach volleyball. The water is shallow and the bay is sheltered from storm.
There are enough parking places above the beach.
Futher small and almost virgin bays/beaches are: Playa de Los Abrigos, a nudist bay near Abades, Playa Ensenada Piedra de la Sal, Playa de Cayado de Hondo, Playa del Rio, Playa los Tarajales and Playa del Trambor.

Playa de Abades is also appropriate for children.

Water sports
Playa de Abades is perfect for diving - excursions. But if you are only equipped with snorkel and diving goggles, you can also discover some very colourful fish species. Not far away from the rocks you will see barracudas swimming in schools.


There is a café und a restaurant above the beach.

The village of Abades
The small village Abades is situated directly at the Atlantic Ocean. In the last few years a lot of considerable terraced houses and villas were built in Abades. You won't find many tourist attractions here. There are some private holiday houses and Holiday chalets on finca with pool to rent. On week-ends and holidays there is a lot of life in the village. Local people from the region come to spend the day at the beach. A small path leeds from the beach to the light house. While walking, you will pass a giving up village, Sanatorio de Abona. The sanatorium once was planned to be a hospital ward. You can see the ruins with the church from the beach.

Holiday apartments and fincas in Abades


Map _Playa de Abades - Strand

Further beaches in vicinity:


Playa de Abades Panorama
Playa de Abades montaña
Playa de Abades Abend
Playa de Abades Promenade

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