Bajamar - Playa de Arenal - Sea Water Pool

Bajamar is situated directly at the foot of the Anaga Mountains on the North East Coast of Tenerife, approx. 3 km from Punta de Hidalgo away. At the Playa de Arenal there are 2 sea water pools.

The beach
At the Playa de Arenal you should not swim in the open sea because the Atlantic is stormy and there is also undercurrent.
Two sea water pools were designed for bathing guests in Bajamar at the Playa de Arenal. The waves of the Atlantic Ocean beat the walls of the pool and support it with fresh sea water.

Not the most appropriate for children.

Water sports


In town

The fishing village Bajamar is now a picturesque holiday resort surrounded by nature. The clime here is stable, pleasant and characterized by the sea. There are several apartment complexes, hotels and private holiday flats. In winter there are many elderly long term travellers. From June till August there are almost only Spanish people in the village.
While hiking you enjoy the view over beautiful landscape and the blue ocean.

Holiday apartments, fincas and holiday houses in this region


Map _Playa Arenal - Bajamar - Strand

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