La Matanza the green north of Tenerife

La Matanza de Acentejo is situated on the fertile north coast between La Victoria and El Sausal to 500m above sea levels. This long stretched site located between the steep, rocky coastline and the volcanic cone of Teide has an area of approximately 14 square kilometers. The region La Matanza offers impressive views of the coast and the expanse of the Atlantik. The area around La Matanza de Acentejo is an excellent agricultural area, especially for bananas and wine. The wine from the communities Tacaronte, La Victoria Santa Ursula and El Sausal, which includes the town of La Matanza counts, is considered the best island wines of Tenerife. From La Matanza are drawn deep green pines and laurel forests with hiking towards in the mountain world. Below from La Matanza- lying coastal area Coast Acentejo, is under protection. The small bay if Playa El Caletón is located right beneath coastal town of La Matanza The below is from La Matanza-lying coastal area, the Costa Acentejo protected. The small bay of Playa El Caletón is located right beneath coastal town of La Matanza

History of La Matanza:

La Matanza de Acentejo, was known by the military conflicts of the Guanches, the aborigines of Tenerife and the Spaniards. Therefore, La Matanza also means in German carnage. This battle took place in the fifteenth century. The battle brought on both sides the death of many warriors. Although initially the natives found the victorious in La Matanza de Acentejo but soon followed the triumph by the Spaniards. They set Tenerife and the labor of the natives of Tenerife as subjects. It was the beginning of the Spanish administration of Tenerife, which continue to this day.

Excursion destination:

La Matanza de Acentejo is not only known for their beautiful vacation homes and their fair price-performance ratio, it's also known for the gorgeous bathing. Small isolated beaches in sheltered coastal areas offer recreation and swimming. Everything is existing, place to picnic, playgrounds for children and nature. Along the steep cliffs at La Matanza de Acentejo, the rocks fall steeply down to the ocean. Here are many rare sea birds and they nest in this area, this explains the formation of an independent nature park.

Historic City of La Matanza:

La Matanza de Acentejo impresses with his old town center and the houses and the fincas/ villas in the canary style. Many of them are listed buildings, so that the entire village in the meantime received the status of a historical city. The tourist magnet became the weekly market. The range extends from Canarian specialties there through handicrafts and quotations for fruits and vegetables. Known in Tenerife are also tasty meat products from the region of La Matanza de Acentejo. They are traditionally prepared, this means, grilled with charcoal.

• Activities in the area of La Matanza:
   - Charcos (= sea water bathing pools)
   - Fishing at the high coast
   - Nearest bathing beach El Pris or Mesa del Mar
   - Hiking/mountainbiking in the nature park of Laderas de Santa Úrsula at the upper outskirts of the village
   - Playground, barbecue areas, seats & tables in the nature park
   - Trip to Santa Cruz (20 min. by car)

• Attractions:
   - Pilgrimage chapel San Antonio
   - Chapel Nuestra Señora de la Luz

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