Playa de los Patos

The beach Playa de los Patos is in the northwest direction from Playa de Bollullo in El Rincon. Some hundred meters after the restaurant Bollullo you turn right. You can reach Playa de los Patos over a narrow path, which is plastered with bushes, and then over narrow steps all the way down to the beach. Especially the lower part can be tricky to walk for children and therefore not suitable for them. Inofficially, Playa de los Patos is used as nudism beach.

The beach

First you get to Playa el Pozo. Here you find surfers and sun worshippers. Only a few feet further you reach Playa de los Patos. On this part of the beach you'll find campers, surfers and nudism enthusiasts. Attention: Very often the sea here is quite heavy and the waves very high.

Suitability for children

High waves, strong currents and a demanding approach make this beach unsuitable for children.



El Rincon

El Rincon is about 2.5 miles before Puerto de la Cruz and stretches itself from the coast up into the mountains. The word "El Rincon" means "quite place" and that still fits today. Here you won't find any signs of mass tourism. Pure nature, a steep coast, 3 beaches in between, banana plantations and some cottages (some of them are available as holiday house). In El Rincon you will only notice the chirping of birds and the roaring sea, especially if you have you holiday house close to the coast. If you have rented a holiday house in the area of Puerto de la Cruz it is definetely worth to visit that part of the islands coast.

Map _Playa de los Patos - Strand

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