Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz - Beach life and botany

Playa Jardin is right between the Loro Parque in  Puerto de la Cruz and the nature reserve Rambla de Castro. Here the beach connects with Playa Castro. Like Playa Martiánez, Playa Jardin was also planned by the local artist César Manrique.

The beach

Although Playa Jardin is an artificial beach, it looks real and can without any doubt be described as the most beautiful beach in Puerto de la Cruz. Black sand and a mixture of rock formations, palm trees and cactuses offer a nice atmosphere and natural shades. The beach has its own wavebreaker, therefore, the bathing conditions are excellent. Wooden planks ensure access to the beach for disabled visitors. International guests of Puerto de la Cruz, as well as locals living in this area love this beach. During the summer months one can observe tourists leaving the beach towards their hotel in the evening and locals going to the beach after work at the same time.

Suitability for children

A wavebreaker ensures calm water. There is also a playground on-location. It's perfect for the entire family.


Restaurant und café

Puerto de la Cruz

Many giant hotels were erected in the 1960s and 1970s in the area of Puerto de la Cruz. During that time Puerto de la Cruz was the main target for international tourist. Today, the tourist flow is headed toward the south of Tenerife. Nevertheless, there are still many tourists, especially during the european winter, who favor the green and blooming north of the island around Puerto de la Cruz. Due to the creation of gardens, low traffic zones and the restauration of the city centre, new live was given to the town of Puerto de la Cruz. While walking along the promenade, you can go shopping, have a nice meal or drink and enjoy the maritime wheather - all at the same time.

Map _Playa Jardin - Strand

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