Valle de Guerra near Tegueste Tenerife North

Valle de Guerra is surrounded by wine-, fruit- and vegetable-growing areas, and is located between Tacoronte and Bajama. You can already see the landscape changing, when you leave the motorway in Tacoronte towards Bajamar – Valle de Guerra. There is a valley, and on the north-east horizon you can see the jags of the Anaga mountain range. The nice valley opens slightly undulating towards the ocean. On the way through the small towns you drive past big fields with bird of paradise flowers and huge greenhouses with flowers and banana plantations, potato and maize fields, tomato plantations and growing of vegetables.
Valle de Guerra the garden of the island. The huge plantations extend to the sea. There is a viewpoint at the street towards Guamasa, from where you have a wonderful view of the whole valley.

The town of Vale de Guerra is a small quiet village with a church, a plaza (square) with a dragon tree, and a restaurant. Twice a year, in Valle de Guerra there is an open air stage of Canarian traditions: in May in honour of “San Isidor Labrador” and of “Santa Maria de la Cabeza” and in October in honour of the “Virgin from El Rosario”.
Below Valle de Guerra, directly at the seaside, there is the part of the village called “La Barranquera” with a small forest, a popular meeting point of the locals.

„Valle de Guerra“ is an old Guanche name from the time of the conquest, translated the “Valley of the war”. Some people think that the village got the name because of the battles between the Guanches and the Spanish conquerors, in the 15th century.
However, the true story is that the whole valley used to belong to a big landowner family called “La Guerra”.

Whether you live directly in Valle de Guerra or in the surroundings, the museum called “Museo de Antropolgia de Tenerife” in the street Calle El Viso 44, is definitely worth a visit. The museum is in a former manor house, which used to belong to the family De la Guerra.
Here are expositions which show today’s people how the islanders used to life in the past.

• Activities in the area of Valle de Guerra:
   - Hiking
   - Biking
   - Mountainbiking
   - Surfing in Punta del Hidalgo

• Attractions:
   - Anthropologic museum

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