Playa Charco de las Arañas Beach near Los Silos

You will find the Playa Charco de las Arañas near Los Silos on the North coast of Tenerife.

The beach
The beach is 150 meters long and 15 meters wide and is covered by small stones. There are also bigger stones in the water, that's why we would recommend you to wear flip-flops. The swell is moderate here. The beach is a popular destanation of both, local people and tourists, especially on week-ends.

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Water sports
Not known

In Los Silos there are 2 good restaurants.

The town of Los Silos
When you look at the part of Los Silos which is by the sea, you will inevitably think of the word "concrete block". Around the not really beautiful skyscrapers is still construction work going on, however, terraced houses and smaller villas seem to be popular right now . The older part of Los Silos is located directly at the coast road, which connects Garachico with Buenavista del Norte. At the Plaza Mayor (main square) with plants and pavilion you will find typical Canarian houses with beautifully decorated wooden balconies.

Map _Playa Charco de las Aranas - Strand Los Silos

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