Beach Playa del Puertito & Playa del Agua Dulce in Los Silos

You hardly notice when you leave Playa el Puertito and enter Playa del Agua Dulce in North Tenerife.

The beach

These two beaches have a significance in common: The beach is strewn with stones, but during low tide you walk over finest sand. Hardly any tourist comes here. But experienced locals use these two beaches to swim and surf on the high waves here. Close by you find a sea water pool.

Suitability for children



Surfing, diving


The beach-café seems a bit large for this area.

The small town Los Silos

If you take a look on the seaside of Los Silos you will notice the high buildings directly at the coast. Construction is still under way there, but right now the focus seems to be towards small villas and terraced houses. The upper and original part of Los Silos is further away from the coast.

In the centre of the village is the "Plaza de la Luz" (place of light). In the middle of it you will find a small pavillon and some benches to relax and admire the surrounding mountains. Old Canarian houses with their lovely decorated balconies and some nice cafés give the place its marvellous aura. Right next to the "plaza de la luz" the snow-white church Nuestra Señora de la Luz has its place. It accomodates a valuable wooden Jesus statue as well as a portrait of Mary from the 16th century. Furthermore, Los Silos is a starting point for many trekking tours, which lead into the Teno mountains.

Map _Playa Puertito/Playa Agua Dulce Strand

Further beaches in vicinity:

Toller Blick von oben auf die Küstenregion Los Silos
Badebucht, Strand und Meerwasserbecken von Los Silos
Urlaub im Ferienhaus mit Blick auf die Küste Los Silos
Aussichtsplatz... Terrasse mit Küstenblick
Blick auf das Meer in Los Silos an der Nordküste

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