Beach Playa de la Caleta - insider tip at the North-West coast of Tenerife

Playa Caleta belongs to the town La Caleta, a small village between Los Silos and Garachico at the North-West coast of Tenerife.


Playa de la Caleta is a real insider tip. The bay is naturally protected from waves, so you can swim without disturbances almost every day. Although you have to arrange yourself with small stones on the beach, you will get rewarded with crystal clear water and a very calm ocean. Therefore, Playa de la Caleta is very suited for letting yourself drift on a pool air mat. Even showers are availabe. The beach of Playa de la Caleta is surrounded by a small promenade, where you can go for a relaxing walk.

Suitability for children

The beach Playa de la Caleta is naturally protected from strong waves, so that you and your children may safely enjoy the ocean.


You can enjoy the hospitality and cooking of the Canary islands at several little restaurants alongside the La Caleta promenade.

La Caleta de Interian
Actually, La Caleta de Interian is part of the well-known pleasure resort Garachico. But it is not as well-known as its municipality Garachico. If you do not know La Caleta, you propably simply pass through on your way from Los Silos or Buenavista. But it is quite worthy to take a trip to this small place, since it is an idyllic fishing village. Its narrow alleys exude maritime romance and Southern European aura. Especially during the evening hours you will be able to notice that special romance.

In this region we can offer you some real nice appartments at holiday fincas with pool in Buenavista del Norte.


Map _Playa de la Caleta Interian - Strand

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