Las Palomas

Las Palomas is a very small town with nice old „Casas Rurales“(cottages) which were lavishly restored and have charm and ambience. In Las Palomas you can enjoy nature and you can find many caves where the Guanches (native inhabitants) used to live, as well as wonderful views of the coast and of the sea.
Las Palomas belongs to the municipality of Granadilla de Abona in the South of Tenerife, which is well-known for its 6 km long sandy beach in the coastal town of El Médano. El Médano offers its clients an attractive Plaza (square) at the seaside and a very child- and family-friendly sandy beach, where you can also enjoy long walks.
Directly behind the mountain “Monte Rojo”, there is the beach called La Tejita. There is also an isolated nudist beach bay. From here, the beach leads to the next town Los Abrigos. Los Abrigos is well-known for its very good fish restaurants.

Agriculture, gentle tourism on the coast, rural tourism on fincas and many plantations shape the municipality of Granadilla de Abona. The products of the local agriculture of this municipality (wine, cereals, vegetables, potatoes and pulses) are known throughout the island and are offered on the farmer’s market Mercadillo de Agricultura at the weekends.

If you drive on the old mountain road, you get to many small villages with nice houses, in some it seems as if the time stands still. In each village there are one or more bars where you can try the typically local food or the well-known Tapas. Even in many gas stations there is a small restaurant where you can eat very well and inexpensive.
The marvellous mountains of Tenerife are especially impressive for those who like to go hiking, because of the jagged landscapes, wild gorges and fantastic views of the coastal towns and of the Atlantic.

Due to its unique beauty, the lunar landscape „Paisaje Lunar“ of Granadilla de Abona is one of the most extraordinary spectacles of nature on the island. It is located in the nature park “Corona Forstal”, at a height of 1100m, and extends approximately to Guajara.

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