San Andres and Playa Teresita beach in San Andres

The sun, a yellow sandy beach and palm trees in San Andrés

The fishing village of San Andrés is about 10km away from Santa Cruz. It is especially known for the long and nice Teresitas beach with its cultivation of palm trees.
A dam in the sea prevents the surf from reaching the beach.

The majority of the inhabitants of the village lives off fishing, some people also live off tourism because of the beautiful beach.
There are only few apartments because the construction of bigger buildings has been legally forbidden in 1984.
San Andrés remained quiet and idyllic and has a special flair because of its big laurel trees.
There are many fish restaurants with view of the sea.

About 2km further, there is the bay Playa de las Gaviota, a small natural nudist beach.

And the wonderful mountain village of IGUESTE is about 7km away.
Igueste, a village with little, white painted stone houses, is situated at the edge of a deep Barranco. On the steep slopes there are many orchards and vegetable gardens.

San Andrés is a good starting point for an excursion over the Anaga mountain range to Taganana.
On the way, it’s worth hiking or going for a walk. San Andrés has not much holiday accommodation, but nevertheless there are some beautiful holiday houses.
Las Teresitas

• Activities in the area of San Andrés:

   - Beach volleyball, aerobics, road racing and other sports at the Playa Las Teresitas
   - Sailing - sailing school on site
   - Hiking
   - Day trip to Santa Cruz (ca. 8 km)

• Attractions:
   - Tower „Torre de San Andrés“
   - Iglesia de San Andrés

Map San Andres

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