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La Esperanza – the paradise for hikers

The beautiful “Bosque de la Esperanza” (the Esperanza forest) is located north-east of the Cañadas del Teide and below La Laguna. On the mountain ridge CUmbre Dorsal you can enjoy the impressive landscape which is definitely worth a visit, whether on foot or by car. In the extreme north of the forest, there is the village “La Esperanza”, about 1000m above sea level. Here they kept the tradition of stickfights. On the way from the Cañadas towards La Esperanza you can see cypresses, eucalyptus trees and a lot of other interesting plants. It is often foggy in the forest because it is located in the zone where the clouds of the trade wind stick. And because of that, the forest is green.

The Esperanza forest is very popular among hikers and is situated in the south-east of La Laguna. The forests around La Esperanza are the largest forest areas of Tenerife. The village “La Esperanza” (in English: the hope) is situated on the edge of the Cumbre Dorsal, a mountain ridge which goes through the north-east of the island. In the green forest you can find some wonderful hiking routes and paths. The region around La Esperanza is a piece of Spanish history. In 1936, the military governor Franco led a military putsch from Tenerife against the Spanish government. In the same year, a three year long civil war began and claimed a lot of lives.

• Activities in the area of La Esperanza:
   - Mountainbiking/hiking, for example up to the high plateau of Mount Teide oor through the forest Bosque de La Esperanza
   - Viewpoints, rest areas, barbecue areas & playgrounds in parks
   - Excursion possibilities to Santa Cruz/La Laguna (7km) / beaches

• Attractions:
   - Parish church of La Esperanza – Nuestra Señora de La Esperanza
   - Cult centre of La Esperanza

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