The beach Playa Punta de Teno

In the most northwestern place on Tenerifa at Playa Punta de Teno you will find the exactly same wheather condition as you would encounter in Los Gigantes, which is about 50km from this place. When you have passed the peak of the mountain, there will be sun almost anytime.

The beach

The beach is a beach with a pebble surface. You may sunbath on a wooden footbridge or use a ladder from those to enter the water. The water is very clear, so you can directly look far into the sea and its inhabitants. If that is too scary for you, you may also just relax at the bay. Here you can hire boats to go out to the sea. The pebble beach is right next to it. Although it may not be so comfortable to lay on it, the spectacular view of the steep rock formations all the way to Los Gigantes more than makes up for it. Therefore, Playa Punta de Teno is even well visited during the winter months. During the weekends you better do not visit this beach, because it probably will be overcrowded.

Suitability for children






Punta de Teno

Punte de Teno with his lighthouse on a headland is accessible ove a small road, which should not be used during strongs winds and heavy rainfalls (Danger of falling rocks and landslides). At the beginning of the road may be raodsigns telling that the road is prohibited, but nobody pays attention to it and drives to the lighthouse anyway. Nevertheless, you should drive very carefully and not faster than walking pace. During clear days you can see La Gomera from there and even down onto Los Gigantes. For some romance we recommend visiting this place at sunset.

Map _Playa Punta de Teno - Strand


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