Climbing and fun in the climbing gardens of Tenerife

Climbing Tenerife Free Solo or with harness and rope, the fantastic lava cliffs and climbing gardens offer lots of fun for every mountaineer and climber.
With numerous climbing tours of different degrees of difficulty at your disposal and a climate that is perfect for climbing all fans of climbing and mountaineering will be perfectly happy.

These climbing areas are so special because of the rock of the volcanic island and the sea, which causes not only the fantastic climate but also offers a wonderful view.
Wheter short tours or those taking such a long time that they include an overnight stay in a tent, you will remember each tour for a long time - maybe it is even an adventure you will never forget.
Especially from the degree of difficulty V up, there are lots of different opportunities and tours.
However, beginners are recommended to take a beginners' course before their first tour.
One of the best-known climbing areas is Guia de Isora in the south-west, from where you can enjoy the above-mentioned view of the sea and even to the neighbouring islands. The tour is very adventurous, not only because of the gorge with overhanging ledges but also the rock face that measures several hundred metres.

Another exciting area is Cañadas in the centre of Tenerife.
Those who want to go on a climing tour here, should realize that the rock is extraordinary angular and that you have to be very careful.

Unexperienced climbers should choose easier tours, e. g. those in Roques de García (La Catredral). There are about 20 different climbing tours from easy to moderately difficult, very close to the Teide.
The climbing area Arico lies more in the south and offers more than 100 tours.

As you can see, it is really worth bringing your climbing equipment with you in addition to suncream, swimwear and walking boots. Even those who have been climbing for many years describe climbing in Tenerife as an unique experience.

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