National park Cañadas del Teide - Explore and Discover

Reach the summit:

The cable car goes almost up to the Teide's peak, therefore the volcano is relatively easy to explore. A phenomenal view from the Teide of the ocean and the neighbouring islands makes this special trip worthwhile. Even entering the crater with its yellow-brown sulphur fumes is possible - with a SUV. To explore this giant volcano a vehicle is recommended, as volcanic activity is only present in selected areas.

Explore the landscape with the cable car:

Since the year 1971, the cable car runs up to the mountain station La Rambleta at 3,550 m of altitude. This journey takes about ten minutes and is only possible in the warmer seasons. Limitations of the vehicle operation can be caused by strong wind (more at Climate Teide). On arrival at the summit station, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Montaña de Las Cañadas in Tenerife and all surrounding neighbouring islands. Only two hundred meters away is the volcano summit. To explore this, you need permission from the National Park Authority. Take some time to adjust to the thin mountain air and don't forget to use a sunblocker against the intense mountain sun.

Explore hiking trails:

The Teide National Park offers interesting explorations of the magnificent landscape due to a well developed infrastructure. The volcano is easily accessible by bus or car. Well-trained people can get there on foot or by bike, which takes several hours on the serpentine gravel path. Numerous hiking trails such as the circular hiking tour Canada's run all height levels of the National Park del Teide. To explore this, means to obtain unique insights into an amazing diversity of nature. Maps, small souvenirs and information about Tenerife's evolution, offers the Information Center of the National Park. There you can also book guided excursions through the National Park El Teide. A small botanic garden invites you to have a look around.

The bizarre lava rocks and climbing walls inside Cañadas National Park offer pure fun for every mountaineer and climber.

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