National park El Teide – Back to the past - theory of origin

There are several theories of the creation of the national park El Teide! One theory of the volcano's history, which you often get to hear, is the supposition of an ancient volcano in Tenerife at the time of the Tertiary 40 million years ago. This mountain was supposed to be especially high, a volcanic cone with a girth of 75 km and a diameter of 15 km. When you look back at history, you'll see, that the ancient volcano with its eruption was responsable for the creation of the island Tenerife.

Evolution of the Teide

Scientists think, that the ancient volcano collapsed nearly 200,000 years ago. It is suspected, that this was caused by the hollow magma chambers. These cavities were formed, because there was more liquid rock at the surface, than magma inside the volcano while erupting. In this aspect, the collapse of the volcanic cone was caused by a static imbalance. The volcano's peak sank into the massif. According to the theory, a group of rocks - a few meters long in a semicircle - represents the former cone of the volcano. Also the terraced region of the Teide's peak is supposed to be caused by the ancient volcano Teide. It was formed after the upper part of the volcano collapsed into the ancient Teide. Due to eruptions, the Teide in today's appearance was formed. Volcanic activity also formed several smaller volcanos beside the Teide.

Information centre in the national park El Teide:

Due to the abundance of nature's specialties in the national park El Teide it is a good idea to visit the information centre El Portillo near the volcano. Interesting information boards, 3D-diagrams, exhibits and friendly staff who explains the abundance of species, Tenerife's history, the importance of the volcano and the uniqueness of the scenery in the national park.


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