National park Cañadas del Teide – Flora and Fauna

The national park is an unique and distinctive habitat for flora and fauna. The island's location right in the middle of the ocean on a volcano massif in front of the African coast causes special climate conditions, for example high solar intensity, low humidity and sudden temperature drops due to the maritime sourrounding of the Atlantic. Flora and fauna adapted to the conditions over millions of years. Created was a unique world of plants and animals, among them endemic species. Let yourself be enthralled by the abundance of species during a visit of the national park El Teide in Tenerife!

Flora in the national park El Teide:

Directly at the steep rocks of the volcano hardly grow trees and woody plants. A few kilometers from here, there is the coniferous forest with the legendary Canarian pine trees. These trees smell very nice, when the sun shines. Besides there are Canarian cedars in the national park El Teide. A further attracion of the flora is the centuries-old dragon tree. This plant is a living fossil. Golden rain, broom and numerous, special grass are typical for this region. Especially the broom leaves its mark on the scenery at the volcano. This plant even created its own species. This is why it is called Teide broom.The Guanches rose bush and the Teide Vipers bugloss, which sometimes is able to reach 3 meters, are fascinating as well. The buglosses consist of numerous red and blue blossoms. Futhermore, cactuses and agaves belong to the flora of the Teide. Blossoming plants are: special kind of marguerites, moss, clover, Chrysanthemum, Matthiola and Viola cheiranthifolia. In spring, insects and butterflies buzz around the blooms of these plants.


In the national park El Teide the fauna is controlled by small predators and species of insects. You can also find kestrels, sparrowhawks and long-eared owls in the rugged parts of rocks, as well as in the forest. Moreover, there are numerous songbirds, tits and blackbirds. A typical bird species of the Canary Islands - the canary bird - was named after its usual habitat. Furthermore, there live bats, rabbits and the legendary fire salamander.

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