The weather in El Teide National Park - geological features

The National Park El Teide has special weather conditions due the geographic location and geological features in an active volcanic massif. There is little rainfall in this area. There may be sudden falls in temperature. Warmer and colder temperatures move in rapid succession. During the colder seasons, there are often degrees below zero in the higher regions. Then the volcano is covered with snow. During this time and when it comes to strong winds, the summit is not reachable by cable car. Several streets are blocked. Climbing the mountain on foot is not allowed in cold weather. During the summer months, the temperature in the National Park El Teide is really high with about  40 °C. There is also a strong mountain sun.

Preparations for the visit of the National Park:

Several things should be taken into consideration when taking the cable car to the summit. It is important to use sunblockers because of the strong sunlight and to take enough water with you. Because of the sudden falls in temperature, it is advisable to take a warm sweater and coat with you. In the winter months you also need gloves, a scarf and an umbrella for the hikes in Cañadas National Park El Teide. Sturdy boots should be part of your equipment as well. With the right equipment you can enjoy the geological features of this unique landscape at the Teide.

Geological features:

The complete area of the National Park El Teide is very impressive. The areal is situated in two huge craters caused by volcanic activity. These craters connect the formation of the Garcia-rocks. These rock pinnacles are among the geological features, because they are remnants of the ancient volcano. Today's Teide is bounded by rock formations, forests and green landscapes. From the geological point, the volcanism is remarkable. It created a number of volcanos next to the Teide. Evidence for this is the broad spectrum of colours and different volcanic rocks from light grey pumice to black basalt. This geological feature of the volcano gives the visitor the feeling to be on another planet far away in space. The appearance of the environment is unique and bizarre.

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