Parque Nacional del Teide – Painting of the volcano Teide

A variety of landscapes of Tenerife's volcano:

During the travel from sea level up to the alpine region in 3,500 m of altitude, you will see all vegetation types in quick succession! This is where alpine zone, ocean and high plateau meet in such an impressive way, that no painter could imagine it. Only nature is so inspiring. After lush and green nature in the coastal area, you will see impressive conifer forests with pine trees until close to the volcano's peak. Then you reach an area with rocks and lava. There are only a few pine trees, which can withstand these harsh conditions. Having arrived in the caldera in the summit area, a haze of sulphur is present like in the primitive times of our world. The painting of the Teide volcano with yellow trails of smoke in an orange, brown and grey-coloured sand and stone scenery looks more like craters of the moon's surface than our home planet Earth.

Painting of the seven colours of the Teide

Apart from the bizarre shapes that appear at the volcanic massif of Mount Teide, a stunning spectrum of colours is visible here. Mineral substances in the rocks are the reason for the paintings of the Mount Teide. In addition to white pumice, light beige and grey-blue rocks you can find large amounts of volcanic glass, shiny black obsidian. It is the source material for many souvenirs. Be enchanted by the unique painting of Mount Teide. Also known as the "seven colours of the Teide", the spectrum of volcanic rocks ranges from anthracite and black to dark brown and orange-yellow to turquoise and jade green.

Weird forms of nature in the Parque Nacional del Teide:

Solidified flows of magma, petrified figures, ash hills, jagged rocks, lava flows, bright pumice stone areas and shiny scoria amaze the visitors of the Parque Nacional del Teide. These picturesque volcanic landscapes are desert-like, rocky as in Kansas, or shaped like a stepped stone terrace in Scandinavia. In any case, the bright colours of this volcanic landscape impress with its contrasts and the changing light and shadow play, which makes every photographer's heart leap for joy.

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