Broad jumps and dust - Motocross on Tenerife!

You like motocross? On Tenerife you will feel well!

In the moment there are two motocross tracks on the island that you can use for your hobby.

Just watching or driving by yourself?

Motogross auf Teneriffa in San Miguel de Abona - Blick auf  einen MotogrossfahrerIn San Miguel de Abona, in the south of Tenerife you can do both. The track is located between Aldea Blanca and San Miguel. This (professional) motocross-track is around 1400metres long and gets used for different race track events.

There are just a few holiday makers who bring their motorbike and their special cloth. The ones who left everything at home are able to rent what they need at the building. They offer e.g. helmets, boots, gloves and protectives. You never ride the motocross-bike by yourself? No problem they offer classes for beginners on the weekends. Of course they will advise you well!

The prices

The prices for a motorbike depend on the time you want to rent it. E.g. if you want to rent for 2 days, you pay approximately 190 Euro per day. If you keep the bike for 3 days or longer you just pay approximately 170 Euro per day. The prices include a personal consulting and support.

Arriving and opening-hours

The motocross track is located near the motorway TF-1. Take the exit San Miguel/Las Chafiras (Exit no. 24). Now keep driving in direction to San Miguel until you reach the junction Aldea Blanca. Here you have to turn and from here you have to follow the signs to the cross-track.

In general the track is open from Tuesday to Friday from 15:00pm till 20:00pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays it is already open from 10:00am.

Before you get there you should call and ask if it is really open for public. The track gets also used for professional competitions during the entire year or also for exams. The telephone number is: (+34) 639 012206

Photos and more information are to be found on Facebook (Moto Club Albona).

Motocross-track Mesa Mota

The future of the second motocross track is unknown. They discuss a lot about the track in Mesa Mota near La Laguna. Environmentalists talk about a deterioration of the nature around the motocross tracks and want to close it. But it is not so easy to convince the owner. So they discuss for years about the pro and contra of the facility. It seems like the discussion will continue for many years. The track is located at the Camino Mesa Mota.

Extempore Cross-track in Punta del Hidalgo

While they still try to find a solution of the Motocross track in Mesa Mota, it got build a new track in Punta del Hidalgo, right next to the coast area of the town. Many residents complained about the new track and the president of the Tinerfeña Motocross association said the area with the new track is in private hands. Furthermore he said that a kin of the owner is a big fan of this sport. Because of these reasons, they decided to create a training-track. It will just get used by a maximum of 5 to 6 drivers at the same time.

One is for sure: He has the right to do it. It is his property.

How will they decide about these tracks? We don't know!

This is why we recommend you to use the motocross-track in the south of Tenerife.

Have fun!


The best accommodation for Motocross fans? A Finca or holiday house!

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