Whale watching - Whales and dolphins on Tenerife

Whales and dolphines are enchanting the humans
The size, malleability and the mystique surrounding the largest of all sea animals, amaze and fascinate. But still the giants of the ocean are posing the scientists riddles. They are trying to explore the communication of the gentle giants, are fascinated by the unbelievable sounds of the "singing of the whales" and want to experience the friendly kind own their own.
All this is possible on Tenerife! Especially in the deep blue and clear sea lane between the Canary Islands La Gomera and Tenerife these animals are domiciled. Perfect living conditions are provided for the sea animals. Due to the joyfully stable amount of spotted whales a nature reserve got established. Within this area whale watching is possible.

Options of whale watching

In the south of Tenerife the largest animals of the ocean find such good conditions, that they spend a lot of time there. The whales can often be seen in the rock-lined bay before Playa Paraiso. In the crystal clear water even several kinds splash about in water, e. g. pilot whales. Also dolphins full of joy of playing piroutte with high swimming speed in the sea. The opportunity to watch whales and dolphins on Tenerife under natural conditions shouldn´t be missed.

Offers for whale watching

A whale wathcing trip combines two incomparable highlights: the first is to be able to experience the biggest of all marine animals close to the action and second to mavel at the beautiful island Tenerife from the maritime point of view.
Only now, when looking from the Atlantic Ocean, you will realize how much the gigantic volcanic mountain Teide characterizes the island; and even created it.

The bookable boat tours to see whales starting from Las Galletas, Los Cristianos, Las Americas, Los Gigantes and Puerto de Santiago on the south coast fulfil every need. Sometimes the spectacular whale watching through a glass floor is in the foreground. Other providers of whale watching combine the excursion with a bathing trip to romantic bays. Further trips, e. g. via pirate ship, put on a show and guide you into the vast of the ocean.
This prompts feelings, that Columbus also must have felt when he was on his expedition towards America. Because you can also get close to a whale with a catamaran. If you still have some time left after watching whales, then you could visit the pearl museum "Tenerife Pearl". There is a pearl tree, that is worth several million euros. Beautiful accommodations at the south coast can surely be found.

Who doesn´t want to enter a boat to see whales and dolphins can experience orcas close to the action in the Loro Parque. Loro Parque is worth a visit because you can have a close look at orcas when doing playful tricks.

Teneriffa Whale-Watching
Wale und Delfine auf Teneriffa
Bootstour Delfine & Wale
Delfine Teneriffa Los Gigantes
Wale und Delfine vor der Küste Teneriffa
Wale und Delfine vor der Küste Los Gigantes
South-coast: Holiday home with pool
South-coast: Holiday home with pool
  • South Los Gigantes / Puerto Santiago
  • 8 Guests / ca. 285 m²
Playa Las Américas- Villa with pool
Playa Las Américas- Villa with pool
  • South Playa Las Americas
  • 4 Guests / ca. 110 m²
Seafront holiday flat2/Finca + pool
Seafront holiday flat2/Finca + pool
  • South Las Galletas
  • 4 Guests / ca. 60 m²
Los Gigantes | Apt. + Pool
Los Gigantes | Apt. + Pool
  • South Los Gigantes / Puerto Santiago
  • 6 Guests / ca. 100 m²

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