Tennis in Tenerife

Game, set and match is the motto of the formerly elitist sport tennis, enthraling even today hundreds of thousands of people. The fascination lies in the power, endurance, skill and sometimes speed, the sportsmen need to catapult the small yellow ball into the opposing field. You need tactic in order to bring your opponent out of his shell. Where could you have more fun learning the basics and the secrets of this sport, than under the sun of Tenerife.

Just a try or powerplay?
The holiday island of Tenerife offers beginners as well as advancers the possibility to try it or to exhaust themselves in a double. Which are your strong points? What could you improve? In Tenerife, it is possible to play tennis in many holiday homes on the hotel’s tennis court for a fee. Those who want to practice their skills can also take private lessons. However, you should always keep an eye on the price differences.

The most beautiful places under Spain’s sun
In the green North, tennis is not only a physical experience, as there are for example banana platations and nice places to relax around the courts. The tennis centre Miramar is a bit outside of Puerto de la Cruz and has many qualified trainers for each skill level. The sports complex “Callao Sport” in the south of Tenerife in the town of Callao Salvaje is a true paradise for sports lovers. Here, you can not only play tennis, but also squash, volleyball or golf.

Favourable luxury villas with private pool are right next to this complex. In Los Gigantes, near Puerto Santiago in the southwest of the island, there is a nice tennis centre. too. Those who like to live nobly on holiday will feel very comfortable on a luxury finca with its own tennis court. Here you can play tennis as often as you want to without having to reserve the court previously.

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