Tenerife swimming

Bathing and swimming in Tenerife - lots of water fun

It's where we come from and where we go to again and again - the water. Those who allow themselves a holiday home with pool, will surely use it extensively. However, holidaymakers would miss a lot, if they only use this single possibility for bathing and swimming. You will also find silence and relaxation in secluded bays. Natural swimming pools are like balm for the soul and families benefit from the numerous swimming complexes and beaches in Tenerife.

From luxurious to rustic - swimming complex or natural swimming pool?
Not every holidaymaker is keen on swimming in the sea. However, those who are touchy about chlorine, won't have to sweat under the sun. The swimming complex "Lago Martiánez" in Puerto de la Cruz for example has a man-made lake and 7 pools, all of them with sea water.
Here, as well as in the Parque Marítimo César Manrique in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, are many bars, restaurants and sights. Both swimming complexes have been created by the artist César Manrique in order to create a place where people can enjoy wellness and luxury while they are bathing and swimming, and at the same time feel like being at the beach.

Bathing or swimming in the various swimming pools with sea water in Tenerife, is something different to normal swimming pools. Whether they are man-made or natural, those places offer relaxation. Due to a volcanic eruption in 1706, the picturesque town of Garachico was completely destroyed. The natural swimming pools in El Caletón still show the effects of the eruption of that time. The pools of different shapes and sizes, which are directly between lava stones, can be reached via small stairs. It’s definitely worth the experience!

Not all beaches are the same!
On holiday, you should not hesitate to ask which beach in Tenerife is perfect for bathing and swimming. It might sound strange, but the island has so much to offer. The beaches attract the holidaymakers with holiday feeling and the feeling of freedom. However, there are differences. The beach, which was chosen for swimming, could be a sandy beach, but also a natural beach with sand and pebbles. There are small bays with sandy beaches where you can enjoy being on your own.
You can find fine Sahara sand, palm trees and restaurants, in artificially made bathing and swimming areas, such as the Las Teresita beach. The island of Tenerife guarantees bathing and swimming as a luxury experience. Black sand, beaches with tourism or natural beaches - there is something for every taste.

Of course, there also are several nudist beaches on Tenerife. The most famous ones for naturism are Playa Tejita in El Medano at the southcoast and the nudist beach Playa de los Patos near La Orotava at Tenerife's northcoast.

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