Hiking Barranco del Infierno (Devil´s Gorge) - Adeje south Tenerife

The Devil´s Gorge (Barranco del Infierno) is one of the beautiful hiking routes of the sunny island Tenerife. This wonderful nature reserve is located in the south of Tenerife, in Adeje. It is easily accessible and suitable for hikes of families with children. A hike in the Devil´s Gorge Barranco del Infierno is worthwhile because of the variety associated with this hike. A trail leads from the typical arid landscape in the south of Tenerife, along well-secured rocks, small pine and water channels up into the Devil´s Gorge. It is fascinating to witness how the sun-drenched landscape changes into a rocky, shady and cool gorge, which is determined by the element water.

Description of the Barranco del Infierno:

The bizarre gorge, full of green plants and rare species, is located about 250 meters above sea level. It is strongly influenced by the effects of the natural watercourse. Impressive mountain ranges limit the gorge. The sound of burbling water, impressive terraces and shadows of overhanging rocks. Also the refreshing air in opposite to high temperatures and intense sun offers variety. After arriving in the gorge you will be surprised by a small waterfall. It plunges over three cascades, which were formed by nature and created a plateau with a pool in the course of centuries. The waterfall in the gorge of Barranco del Infierno is Tenerife's most beautiful natural water element.

Preparation of the trip:

A trip to the mystical Barranco del Infierno should be well prepared. Hikers should wear sturdy shoes. On the way through arid landscapes it is advisable to think about head and skin protection because of the intense sunlight and it is also important to take enough water with you.

After the hiking:

After reaching the top of the Barranco del Infierno again, you should visit the first restaurant on the left, because here you can sit outside and enjoy the panoramic view and the delicate food, just a handy hint, the best taste in this restaurant are the "Pollos Fritos".

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