Hiking San Juan del Reparo

A hike to Garachico del Norte

The starting point of the hike is in San Juan del Reparo. Follow the street El Monte and cross the crossroad. From here, take the narrow path which leads downwards. At the first junction you turn left. Follow the path and turn right at the next junction. The path turns into a paved street. This path (with several bends) leads downhill. Here, you often have a beautiful view of the town and the port of Garachico.

Due to the eruption of the volcano Montaña Negra, in 1706, the landscape has different lava formations. Especially the typical pine landscape in the north has plants which grow on rocks. You can find sow thistles, houseleek, thyme, lichens and ferns. Near the town you can see the first houses and the path disappears. There is a street which you follow (downwards between the houses). Then you get to the Plaza de La Libertad (freedom square), where you can see the town hall and the church of Santa Ana. To the left, the street leads to the square of Juan Gonzalez de La Torre. There is the Puerta de Tierra and the excursion ends here.

The original town of Garachico was founded by Italian merchants more than 500 years ago. Wine and sugarcane were cultivated and the small port town soon became the most important trading centre between the Canary Islands, England, the Netherlands and America.
In 1706, the volcano “Montaña Negra” erupted and the lava found its way down the hills. Villages were destroyed and the bay was partly filled up. Parts of the town centre were destroyed. The town's landmark is a rock, which is lying in the water outside the town.
The name “Garachico” (small island) comes from the Guanche words “Igara” (island) and “chico” (small).

Pine trees, heather, plants on rocks

Scenic sights

Volcano Montaña Negra and its lava formations. The rock of Garachico. El Caleton (natural pools).

Sights – cultural heritage

Pilgrimage church of Los Reyes (escaped the lava of the eruption of 1706). Puerta de Tierra (the remains of the port of the time before the eruption).

Nature reserve
The rock of Garachico: natural monument. Rock faces of La Culata: nature reserve.
At the edge of the special nature reserve of El Chinyero. Tree top: nature park.

Useful telephone numbers

Information office of Santiago del Teide 922 860 348
Police of Garachico 922 830 278
Red Cross in Garachico 922 830 211 – 922 281 800
Guardia Civil 922 830 063
TITSA (public bus service) 922 531 300

Information of the route
Location: Garachico
Starting point: San Juan del Reparo
End: Garachico
Distance: 4,5 km
Duration: 1,5 hours
Difficulty: low
Difference in altitude: 500m
Journey: bus route 325 or 460 (www.titsa.com)

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