The Loro Parque in Puerto de La Cruz

The Loro Parque is an Animal Park and is located in the north of the Canary Island of Tenerife and is one of the largest employers of the Island. Originally it was created as a parrot park, hence the name "Loro". The breeding station of the Loro Parque has the largest parrot collection in the world. A visit to Loro Parque is not publicly accessible, you have to pay for the admission and then you can visit the tour "behind the scenes" and you can have a look at the feeding of young birds. In the zoo you can observe many parrots and parakeets. Besides these two, the Loro Parque offers a tropical garden on three levels, the aquariums, aviaries and enclosures, show events in specially designed theaters or areas and a playground. Puerto de La Cruz and the Loro Parque are connected by a yellow narrow-gauge railway, which operates non-stop service for free. A part of the earnings is donated by the park management to their own foundation "Loro Parque Fundación".


The foundation of Loro Parque

The Loro Parque was founded in 1970 by the German Wolfgang Kiessling and his father. On 17th of December 1972 the Loro Parque was opened with 150 parrots.

The Attractions

In the "Kinderlandia" (Children´s Land) is a replica of an African village. The fun for the kids is to wade through a jungle area over suspension bridges. Another attraction is the rollercoaster with an Orca-train...

The parrots

Worldwide there are 800 parrots' species, some 350 of these species can be seen in the Loro Parque, which became famous because of its world´s largest parrot collection. Altogether there are 3000 parrots here.

The "Acuario" with underwater shark tunnel

Here the visitors can observe coral reefs and exotic fish in an underwater tunnel and even some sharks.

Delphinarium Loro-Parque The dolphin, sea lion and Orca Show

Especially popular are the dolphins and the sea lions. The shows here are usually very well attended. The show of the Orcas is also very popular, altogether there are four Orcas which have their own show in their own stadium.

The Katandra Treetops

Since 2010 there is a new attraction in the Loro Parque, the large aviary with various tropical bird species, especially parrots and Lories or Australian cursorial birds. The visitors can walk on submitted ways through the aviary and to the tree tops.

The Penguin Planet

The Penguin Planet in the Loro Parque is the world's largest penguinarium. Very impressive is the World of the Penguins, a modeled area like the real Antarctic which is sprinkled with tons of snow every day. In the Penguin Planet are 250 Penguins, from the species Gentoo penguins, rock hopper penguins, king penguins and chinstrap penguins. The visitors can circle the glass front of the Penguin Planet on a moving walkway and they can also observe the starfishs. Quite interesting are also the Humboldt penguins, as well as the 8.5-meter-high glass cylinder with 7000 Canary sardines offering visitors an enchanting sight.

The Tiger Island

In addition to the aquatic and exotic animals, there is also the Tiger Island, where two tigers live: a male white Bengal tiger named Prince and a normal-colored Bengal female Tiger named Saba. The tigers come from a Circus, that gave them to the Loro Parque because they were able to offer them a better home.

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Blick auf 2 Papageien im Loro Park
3 Loros  im Baum
Quallen im Aquarium
Ein Schildkröte im Wasser
Bunte Fische im Aquarium
Ein Loro im Baum
Gorilla Affe
4 Delphine tanzen übers Wasser
Der weiße Tieger im Loro Park
Pinguine im Loro Parque
Der weiße Tieger
Ein Pinguin schwimmt im Wasser
Ein Papagei im Baum
Gulia besucht den Papageienpark auf Teneriffa
Fische im Aquarium
Pinguine im Loropark

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