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Butterfly Park in Icod de los Vinos

In the Butterfly Park Mariposario del Drago in Tenerife are a lot of bright orange, light blue, black, dark green, yellow or colourful butterflies. The beautiful destination is recommended for families with children as well as for all other people who are interested in nature, including people with handicaps.


The Butterfly Park was founded in 1997 in Icod de los Vinos and is the only nature park of this kind in Spain. It offers the visitors a successful combination of tropical vegetation and magnificent free-flying butterflies. The architecture of the butterfly house with the huge glass windows looks generous and allows the impression of a light-flooded area, which has a temperature of about thirty degrees and a relative humidity of eighty percent; this offers best living conditions for many butterflies. Here they can fly free and enjoy the attention of thousands of visitors. The biodiversity of the butterfly park in Tenerife is very impressive. Among them are "giants" and "dwarfs", meaning butterflies with a very impressive wingspan of up to thirty centimetres and some miniature species. All butterflies are from the tropical belt of the earth, from Australia and Central and South America.

The concept:

The conceptual idea of the butterfly park in Tenerife is not only the observation of the butterflies, for example, while the feeding of exotic fruits. In addition, the visitors get a lot of interesting information about the metamorphosis of the animals. This is implemented on the living example, because the butterfly park has its own breeding program. This contributed to the preservation of endangered species. In the Park of Icod de los Vinos all stadiums in the butterfly life can be studied, the egg laying, hatching the voracious caterpillars, pupate and the liberation of the butterfly from the chrysalis rigid. Above all, the experience of the first flight test on an iridescent tropical butterfly of the "maternity ward" at the Butterfly Park in Mariposario del Drago is a unique experience.

The millennial dragon tree:

Quite near the Butterfly Park is an ancient dragon tree. You can perfectly combine the visit of the Butterfly Park with a visit of the dragon tree. Researchers have determined its age by a 1000 years. That means this dragon tree began to grow in the ages as the Phoenicians traded in Tenerife with a purplish-red kind of lichen. Only five hundred years later, the Guanchens began with the colonization of the island.

Bungalow with private pool
Bungalow with private pool
Bungalow with private pool
Bungalow with private pool
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One bedroom house with pool
Cottage in the hiking area Icod
Cottage in the hiking area Icod

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