The Exoticpark Cactus- & Animal Park

The Park:The exotic park in the region of Los Cristianos in Tenerife is a natural park, which is divided into five overarching theme regions. They are called Animal Park Amazonia, Cactus Park, Jurassic Land and Reptilarium. And there is also the area with the model railroad.

Cactus - & Animal Park:

The Parque Exótico outside Tenerife was primarily known for their giant cactus garden. This is unique in Europe in terms of biodiversity and the expansion on about 100,000m². The park is also famous for the breeding and planting of the unique endemic cacti species. Next to several meters high columnar cacti´s are growing huge spherical and flat-lasting varieties of cacti. Under the hot sun of Tenerife the cacti grow perfectly on the bizarre volcanic ash. Blossoms in red, orange and white prove the success of cactus plantations. In addition, the Animal Park is home to exotic animals, including crocodiles, bats, monkeys and turtles. A replica of the Amazonian rainforest is the place where exotic bird species live. The spiked cactus and the interesting animals are not only a preferred area of study for scientists, but also a motive of many artists.

Jurassic Land and reptiles:

The Jurassic Land in the exotic park reminds of the living conditions in the prehistoric times on Earth. You can observe impressive lizards and snakes in species-appropiate conditions. The competent staff gives a lot of interesting information about the species and draws the attention to the peculiarities of the animals and the visitors can also get detailed information on display boards.

The model railway:

You will also find a model railway in the park. Fans of model railways will be impressed. The model railway shows the typical areal of Tenerife, settlements, agricultural areas, the snow-capped volcano, reservoir and the people. And after visiting the exotic park you can purchase interesting souvenirs, such as minerals and you can eat culinary surprises in the restaurant located in the park.

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