Mercedes forest in Anaga mountains - specialty: laurels

The rich green appearance, the humidity and the play of sun spots in the shadows answer the idea of an enchanted country. We are talking about the Mercedes forest, Bosque de la Mercedes in the Anaga mountains, on the island Tenerife. Quiet rightly people call it enchanted forest of Tenerife. The Mercedes forest is a special, elevated habitat. It is ruled by giant laurels. These 30 metres tall laurels don´t grow in any other part of the world. Wander through the Mercedes forest with its tunnel-entangled branches, experience the muggy jungle atmosphere of tropical forests in an evergreen, lush vegetation, dedicate yourself to the imagination of a straying recluse in the middle of the impressive giant trees - those are things you don´t want to miss when staying on Tenerife. Learn more about the Anaga mountains.

Micro climate of the Mercedes forest in the Anaga mountains

Trade clouds are determining climatic conditions of the Mercedes forest. These clouds impinge on the barriers of Teno and Anaga mountains in a height of about 1,000 metres. The humidity condensates and becomes either rain or fog. This creates, in addition to the strong alpine sun, the conditions for the existence of laurels on Tenerife.

Flora and fauna in Mercedes forest

The Mercedes forest ist characterized by laurels. Nevertheless, the trees with their acorn-shaped fruits and the leaves, that have been used for refining food and as commodities for centuries, are only one piece within the biological structure of this unimpaired natural preserve. Due to the high humidity plants like moss, lichens, lianas and ferns are growing in Mercedes forest. As soon as sunlight hits the floor, flowers, e. g. yellow gentian or bellflower, amaze the visitors. Both species are endemic to the Canary Islands. Its one-of-a-kind beauty is emphasized through the residents of the Canary Islands by tenderly calling gentian "Queen of the mountains".

Experience the mysticism

Experience the mysticism of this unique laurel forest with swirling, trade-wind-born fog banks and the contrast of the primitive forest landscape in comparison to the dry volcanic fields.
The laurel forest can be found in Anaga mountains as well as in Teno mountains.
You can explore the Mercedes forest on several routes. A nice hiking path is located between La Laguna and Batan de Abajo or Pedro Alvarez in the Anaga mountains. During this excursion hikers will have amazing view on Teide. The information centre about Mercedes forest adds lively impressions to interesting facts. It is at the viewpoint Mirador Cruz del Carmen.

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