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California poppy meadows in Arafo - Nature´s magic

You can only leave Tenerife "wistfully and heavy-hearted". Alexander von Humboldt certainly must have talked about spring hike along the famous California poppy meadows of the island. This experience of a colourful flower firework is due to a special natural spectacle on Tenerife. It can emphatically be recommended to nature lovers. Especially the blooming California poppy meadows clarify the power of nature and will certainly also amaze you.

Tourist attraction California poppy meadows Arafo

The California poppy meadows at the southern slopes of Cumbre Dorsal near Arafo attract many visitors in spring months April and May every year. Also on the other Canary Islands and partially on the Balearic Islands California poppy covered meadows can be found. The goldish yellow plant covers enormous areas in the municipality Arafo, all the way into wild, gashed mountain areas. As far as the eye can see, the slopes are covered in a lush, bright warm yellow. The yellow impressively contrasts with the dark, redish and brown shades of the volcanic rock and the deep blue sea.

Goldmohnwiesen Arafo im Süden TeneriffaMeaning

The millions of flowers of the California poppy meadows on Tenerife make the island a huge sea of blossoms. Also the gardens get especially dressed up during this time. They put another emphasis on the California poppy meadows.
Similar amounts of wonderful California poppies are hard to find in other places of the world. The California poppies on Tenerife are growing lush, even though it is done without cultivating them. Rangers only make sure, that the plants aren´t pulled out or the blooming meadows aren´t distroyed on purpose. Maybe its unspoiled state is the California poppy´s secret.

Growing conditions on Tenerife

Since the California poppy can handle altitude, Tenerife provides the best growing conditions between 1,000 and 2,000 metres. Additionally, the wet and warm loving plant especially grows in the sea-characterized air. This is why the California poppy is widespread on Tenerife. Almost every plant blooms. You will know how to appreciate this, after attempts to grow California poppy have failed for years in your own garden. This way, the image of a bright goldish yellow Tenerife will become a myth to the traveller.

Holiday house in Arafo
Holiday house in Arafo
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Detached country house with pool
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Small cottage with sea view
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