Museum´s quarter Antiguo Hospital Civil in Santa Cruz

Development of the museum´s quarter Antiguo Hospital Civil

The museum´s quarter "Antiguo Hospital Civil" is located in Tenerife´s capital Santa Cruz. It covers an area of approximately 4,000 qm and is considered one of the most frequented sights of the island. The museum´s quarter came out of a medical institution. Due to its multifunctionality and neoclassical architecture it provides imposing conditions for the museum use. The building is painted in a warm colour, has half-pillars, balconies, precious marble stairs and several patios and therefore provides the perfect surrounding for a time journey back to the geological beginnings of Tenerife as well as the Guanches, the natives of the island.

Design of the Antiguo Hospital Civil

A museum of the museum´s quarter is the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre. It is located in the big main building and contains a natural history collection. It presents cultural techniques of the Guanches and puts them in relation to characteristics of today´s live on the Canary Island. Thereby visitors are equiped with knowledge about the development of the unique ecosystem of Tenerife. A core theme is the protection of live in the ocean. Furtermore, the Museo de Bellas Artes is located in the museum´s quarter with temporary exhibitions of pieces of art. Also you will find a modern auditorium as well as a church. It is the oldest church of Tenerife.

Specialties of the Antiguo Hospital Civil

An especially realistic designed artwork of the exhibition was successfully effectuated in the museum´s quarter in Santa Cruz. It is also perfect for a family getaway with your children. The visitors, e. g. get a virtual instruction of certain working techniques of the Guanches und can, thus, try them on their own. Grinding corn certainly is good fun for children. Most interesting, educational information films about the tools of the Guanches and their usage guarantee topics of conversation. An archaeological department allows for fascinating insights into the practice of mummifying Guanches. A visit of the museum´s quarter Antiguo Hospital Civil is a "must" for everyone interested in cultural history.

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