The cliffs Los Gigantes... Sights and tourist attractions

The cliffs of Los Gigantes

Steep cliffs - almost 500 meters high. From a distance they look a bit like a sleeping dragon. These are the cliffs of Los Gigantes. Some of them belong to the highest european cliff formations. Los Gigantes is located in a picturesque bay and is named after the cliff "Los Gigantes". The name means nothing else than "The Giants". The legend about these cliffs is interesting: It is said, that the cliffs of Los Gigantes where a holy region and the end of the world for the Guanchen, the native inhabitants of Tenerife.

Viewing of the cliffs of Los Gigantes

The viewing of the cliffs of Los Gigantes should be made by boat. Especially the view from the ocean to the huge stone walls is very impressive, a miracle created by the nature. The cliffs are even more impressive when you know that the bigger part of them is under water. Down to 800 meters the part of the cliffs is below sea level! A dive next to the cliffs is an impressive adventure. Due to the powerful current this dive should just be done by accomplished divers. For people who wants to go snorkelling or for unexperienced divers there are diving regions nearby wich are worth it.

Fishermen and tourist town Los Gigantes

After the sightseeing of the cliffs the fishermen's town Los Gigantes should be visited. From the local beach with black lava sand you can see the cliffs. The habour is picturesque located and invites to relax at the wonderful promenade in front of traditional fishing cutter and yachts in the beautiful, blue ocean water. In Los Gigantes there can be booked trips for whale watching and diving can be learned. Sometimes there are playing dolphins at the local fish-farming.
Besides you can hike from Los Gigantes to the wonderful Teno-mountains.

Los Gigantes is also a destination for the Masca hike. Many hikers take the route from Masca through the gorge to the sea and go by boat to Los Gigantes. This trip is recommendable: First there is the demanding hike through the gorge and in the end there is the beautiful view to the cliffs. Tickets for this trip you get at the habour of Los Gigantes.


The fishermen's town Los Gigantes became a popular holiday destination. Much to the conservationist's regret and to the delight of the sun-seeking vacationers.Today the former fishing village is is grown together with Puerto Santiago and La Arena with countless holiday apartments. Nevertheless it's not comparable with the metropolis Las Américas. Quite the reverse: In Los Gigantes you can find some private apartments in a smooth location.

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