Caution! Impostors and thieves are also on Tenerife

Caution- Impostors and thieves are also on Tenerife

Tenerife is a safe holiday destination – You don't need to be afraid about armed assaults. Also the danger of a terroristic attack is very small!

Nevertheless you should remember a few things when traveling to Tenerife - thieves, impostors and hustlers are also to be found on the sunny Canary Islands. And they like to do it! Because many tourists fall for their tricks.

Here you find some advices to spend great holidays!

Dubious holiday offers and selling offers

Maybe you have already heard about „Timesharing“ – in the past people affiliate this work with following meaning: you rent a house in a specific period in the year and you had the right to use it in this time for several years. The customers were able to choose between fantastic houses or apartments in wonderful areas. If they decided to buy the easement of one offer, you had to pay for it right after the contract closing.

Nowadays people affiliate the word „Timesharing“ with selling of dubious holiday accommodations and the word doesn't get used much anymore – today they try to sell this offers by using the word „Holidaypacks“ or they want you to become a member of so called „Holidayclubs“.

As at the times of Timesharing, they will show you wonderful accommodations in a fantastic area to rent of the same period each year for a long time.

Please don't do it!
Most of the time it is a dubious offer!

If you signed the contract they will claim the payment immediately which will be usually several thousand Euros. The apartment or the house they showed you and you think you bought the easement, are usually not the ones which are written on the contract. Sometimes they even don't exist! Otherwise the accommodations where you are now allowed to spend your holidays in are often of lower quality.

It is quite difficult to know which offers are reputable and which are dubious.

Our advices:

  • As more obtrusive and pushy the sellers are, as faster you should go away and not sign the contract!
  • Do never sign a contract without talking to an English speaking notary of your choice first!

Taking part of an advertise trip

It is possible that you meet someone who distribute brochures, with an offering of a free roundtrip of the Island. They will try to convince you with free offers like a delicious lunch or coffee and cake / teatime and get you talking to salesman.

You can assume that every free roundtrip is actually an advertise trip. They try to sell you overpriced things and they are very pushy.

Do never take part of any of this advertise trips. The sellers can become very impolite and won't stop until you bought something very expensive.

Buying fake branded goods

Especially on markets or flea markets they sell fake branded goods. No matter if clothes, accessories or electronical goods – the assortment is huge! And tempting…

These things are great! And let's be honest, who doesn't want to buy a good that look like an original but costs less than the half?
Nevertheless we have to advise you against buying these fake goods. Because on your way home you can get in big trouble for it. If the customs officer find some fake goods in your luggage they probably keep it and charge you a penalty fine.

Using the hotels Wifi

Hard to believe but true: Internet offers in holiday and hotel complexes can be very expensive!

In almost all hotels they offer free WiFI-access.

But some of the hotel complex or holiday complex owners found a new way to earn more money – they offer WiFi access in any rooms, but they don't tell how much it costs.

Most of the time, the holiday makers find out in the end of their stay. When they check-out and do the final payment they will get a bad surprise.

So, pay attention that the internet is really for free usage!

Keep valuables safe

Of course everyone knows already but you can't say it often enough: valuables can get stolen very quickly!
So please keep in mind that thieves never sleep! Not even on Tenerife.
Please keep an eye on your valuables all the time.

Our advice:

The valuables you can't take with you all the time should be locked in a safe or leave them at the reception desk.

Take care!

Take care of yourself, of your valuables and your money! Especially in touristic areas you should be careful and don't take every offer.

Why don't you stay away of the mass tourism and rent a holiday house (or a holiday flat) in a calm and quiet area? Here you can relax without any worries and enjoy your vacation!

We wish you wonderful holidays!

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