Ferienhaus Canarias
Proprietor: Manfred Esterbauer
Marktlerstr 67a,
D-84489 Burghausen

Telephone Deutschland: +49 8677 409.97.30
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Tax Number:  DE 106 / 215 / 80219
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Ferienhaus Canarias
Contact person:
Irene Hoffmann

Office & Service on Tenerife
Telephone Spain: +34 922 39.10.44   

You still have questions about our offer of holiday homes

We have inspected almost all holiday houses and apartments and that is why we can advise you individually and comprehensively.

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Mon - Fri  09:00h - 17:00h,
Saturday  09:00h - 14:00h
Our office is closed on Sundays, as well as on Spanish and Canarian holidays.
Please note: As we are an internet company we do not have a public office and do not receive clients. Therefore, personal appointments only after telephone arrangement.

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This allows you to request up to 5 properties at
the same time or to compare them.

Two prices - why?
Cleaning- and additional fees are
already calculated in the price of the
first week for your entire stay.
That is required by law!
That is reducing the price from the 8th

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